If I asked you what you see

When you stared into the void

Could you ever see me?

As more than a droid

Am I granite?

Or am I crystal?

Do I live at night?

To block out all

Is it truly my own doing for which I am afraid?

Or merely a fragment of unsettled hopes

Unfinished dreams I have yet to grade

Un-dried sobs and mopes

Is it too late to change?

The sands of existence

Is it only strange?

Or is it imagination for instance

Who decides people's fates?

I see them rise and fall

Who determines the rates?

That we will lose it all

If destiny was truly set at the birth of time

Why must we work so hard to change it?

To make water red and the sky lime

Maybe our hopes drive us to do more than sit

I don't understand how the world works

I may never

It's just one of the perks

Of searching forever