By:Andrew Troy Keller
This is a message that I must send,
For I'm in a place where there's no money to spend.
This city that I'm seeing
Is inhabited by winged semi-humanoid bird-like beings.
These beings are also those who glide along the wind.

A pilot had discovered this city that was supposed to be hidden
Away from the sight of all kinds of men.
Most of them did not believe the pilot's story,
But three explorers decided to go there and confirm the story
Of a city that is still indeed hidden.

I,Jerry Machian was one of those explorers three,
Who had discovered the city and found it to be
A wonderous sight to we three humans
As well as its residents,the Feitherans,
Who are also the most exquisite beings to see.

One of us,Dr. Fred Cantrell
Had allowed me to tell
You this story and said that he
Would rather be
Living here than back in a place of pure hell.

As for me,I'm willing to do all that I can
To get myself back to the world of civilized man.
As for the third member,
The one known as Frank Harker,
He had done something that condemned his soul to be damned.

Frank thought that he was being attacked by one of the Feitherans
And had shot him dead,which is indeed still a sin.
For that,all Feitheran soldiers of each and every rank
Had shot and killed poor Frank--
Making sure that his madness is not to be returned to the world of civilized men.

Frank's funeral is the one that you must attend.
And this was the message that I had to send.
Now,I must attempt to roam
This hidden land to find a way home
By following the northwind.