Notes and Acknowledgements

The calendar of this world is similar to our own. There are twelve months of thirty days each and five festival days; six every fourth year. However, instead of starting the year in the middle of winter, the annual change takes place at the beginning of winter.

Festival of Light - The celebration of the arrival of the New Year. Followed by:
- Baristad
- Dormun
- Nolsiir

Festival of Flowers - A day to rejoice at the end of winter and the return of spring. Followed by:
- Myceniir
- Kalistan
- Leytaniir

Midyear - A customary day of rest and reflection on the passing of half a year.
Gaerdin's Day - Celebrated every fourth year, it honors the Trickster God, Gaerdin. Tricks and mischief are expected for those who forget to place it on their calendars. Followed by:
- Velanur
- Jehyrn
- Golstaniir

Homestead - The traditional day celebrating the bounty of the harvest. Followed by:
- Llemara
- Deviir
- Polanth

Night of Remembrance - The final day of the year, customarily set aside to remember friends and family who have died in the previous year.

Likewise, the week of this particular world is slightly different from our own. Their days are, however, easily transferable to ours.

Sunday - Majol
Monday - Nakarat
Tuesday - Gradinna
Wednesday - Bolotan
Thursday - Uriad
Friday - Vatrek
Saturday - Hadomi

Many of the characters herein are based off of people I know. Chances are some of them might recognize themselves. I can only hope they approve of them.

To all of my friends, for giving me such wonderful characters.

To D, for being my prince.