i'm living slowly in the fast lane
facing situations that keep making final passes
can't let shit pass me
going balistic, throwing fists at ashes
smoked a spliff to a roach and passed it
my last hit will get me through the shit i'm livin
caught up in a lost cause
i couldn't help falling for her
i'm diggin trenches in the crossfire
i fought opposition and watched them win it
giving up on feeling good alone
i couldn't go on without her wrapped around my arm
i can't help but feel i'm not what she wants
sunken deeper still in thought
feeling lesser than i thought was possible
i just want to stop all this trouble
i want to make every day of her life
but i don't think i can stay around her much longer
i'm making mistakes, i hate faking a great person
i'm not great, just a waste of energy
i can never be better,
you'd be better off leaving me