Disclaimer: I think I derived inspiration for this off of "Insanity is Contagious", another fanfic here. But I also must thank Sunshine. Thank you Sunshine! She started me writing it, and is the only other person who truly understands the extent of my madness. But the story and the madness are mine.


Chapter One: Beaver life

It was a bright afternoon in August; the sky was azure with fluffy cotton ball clouds floating gently through it. Below the majesty of the careless blue , THERE WERE BEAVERS!! ::wild applause and peasant rejoicing:: The beavers were rather short - except for their tails. Actually, they had normal beaver-sized tails. The girl beavers were Ro, Bec, and Dan. Together they rejoice in teasing and ordering around their two pet male beavers, Dor and Vor. An outsider might consider this an odd set of things - Dor and Vor were exquisite specimens, almost gods to the other beavers. All beavers worshipped and idolized the warlike brothers Dor and Vor. But Dor and Vor, in truth, worshipped the two sisters Ro and Bec, and the auxiliary Dan did not exactly go ignored, either.

All three were cute little beavers - almost childlike, with simple joys, and a twinkling laughter that bubbled from their snouts. Although Dor and Vor would never admit it, their one goal in life was to hear the twinkle bell laughter as often as possible. Ro, Bec, and Dan, angels that they were (and often called), indulged in the brothers desires, and life was good.

Continuing on to the August afternoon.

Ro and Bec sat quietly near the waterfall. A blue and pink quilt covered their chilled laps as they sat darning sweaters for their friend Rist. Dan chattered laughingly as they smiled in return.

"Do you remember?" she giggled. "Did you see?"

Even though Ro and Bec did remember and had seen it, they still indulged in the careless amusement that emanated contagiously from it.

And so they tolerantly sat under the blue and pink quilt with Dan. Their quickly darning hands slowly stilled as Dan excitedly narrated, in her chirping, trilling accent, the events of the day.

"It all started that morning..