Chapter Seven: Epilogue

"It all turned out fine, of course. Your lovely brothers sacrificed themselves to the mob - but it drew the other beavers back from insanity and to their normal calm. All Dor and Vor got were some bruises from hitting the floor," Dan laughed. "Most likely their egos still hurt. And to think all he wanted was tea!"

Bec smiled. "We were more than happy to oblige."

Ro shook her head. "Never underestimate the power of tea. It is the ultimate weapon of peace - he was in withdrawal and that corruption is why he turns violent and deranged."

"So he'll be okay now?" Dan asked.

"The creature of Topsy is once more the adorable, dancing Rist we knew," Bec nodded.

"Whatever happened to the watermelon?" Dan queried.

Ro and Bec glanced at each other, surprised. "What watermelon?"

A sense of foreboding came over Dan, and the three beavers glanced at each other, their darning lying forgotten upon the quilt across their laps.