Author: Werecat Medea Silverclaws.


Please ask before posting this anywhere.

Author's Notes: This is a "double poem. There's the main poem, and the second one in Italics. The first one rhymes, the second doesn't. There's reason why I wrote this poem in such a way. The first one, in regular fonts, is a lament for a dead pet. It's a sweet obituary, like most people would say over their pat's grave. But here comes the second one. Between the lines of the "politically correct" poem enters the cruel, merciless truth of human guilt. It's the thoughts that keep us awake at nights and haunt us to our grave, the fears we are not allowed to speak out, because

"It was only a cat".

I wrote this as a cleansing experience. But I know that these voices will never go away. So, read on, and remember: Feedback and reviews make a poet/author know he/she is not alone.


Lavender, mimosa, pennyroyal, thyme,

(I miss you, I miss you)

Make your roots a shield for this love of mine.

(I failed you, I know)

May your leaves and petals keep the cold away,

(Are you cold? Are you lonely?)

May your fragrant spirit keep all harm at bay.

(Are you afraid? Do you miss me?)

Lavender and lilies, pennyroyal, thyme,

(Has the pain gone away?)

May the ground be light on this love of mine.

(Can you eat now that the pain has gone?)

Pretty flower fairies, playful elves and sprites,

(Have I caused you more pain?)

Whisper songs and stories in the cold winter nights.

(I'm sorry, I'm sorry)

Morning dew and summer breeze

(I miss you sleeping in my arms)

Weave a rainbow path to this

(I'd die in your place, if I could)

Far off, better and blessed place

(Please forgive me...)

Until we meet in Goddess Grace.