Broken Ballad

The sounding of footsteps, but only my own

Feeling the loneliest feeling, 'alone'

Remember the times when I walked here with you

But push that aside, it's too painful to do

Leaves crunch underfoot and I don't hear the sound

In my mind there's a song and to that I'm bound

Singing of loving and losing in turn

Was this written for me? My heart seems to yearn.

Never walked to this beat, never had to before

Now that I am, I don't know the score

Watching and listening and thinking the day

Maybe I'll end it, take the pain away

Wonder if you can see, wonder if you cannot

Wondering, wondering, wonder a lot

Try to take it in my stride, try not to think of you

But try as I might, it's all I seem to do

Looking up to the sky, a tear falls down my face

And I know that I have to get out of this place

I'll take my things, and I'll move along

But I'll never forget the words to that song.