By:Andrew Troy Keller

There are some people with loose lips,
And yet,they would only listen to gossip.
Even though some of them are nice folks,
'The bigmouths',we call those blokes.
They really are the ones who listen to gossip.

Megan Rockinghem
Was one of them.
Time and time again,
The words of gossip had found their way to Megan.
The words had came from another one of them.

But then,after she had found her lost pride,
Megan had realized that she had to hide,
And make sure that her own lips
Would never again speak the words of gossip.
Instead,she was willing to take it all in stride.

However,one day,
Everything was going Megan's way.
Then,a person had said something to Megan.
The words of gossip had found her again,
And believe it or not,she was about to make them pay.

One night,Penny Cushing,
Megan's best friend had gone to see how she was doing.
But,after she had opened the apartment door,
The scene,that was before Penny,was of utter gore.
Poor Megan had died from suicide-committing.

And then,Penny had found,in Megan's purse,
A note which had read,"I'm now free from my curse!
Please,do not allow your lips
To speak the words of gossip,
Or your life would really go from bad to worse!"

Even though they think they're taking it all in stride,
They are,unfortunetly,bigmouths for life.