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Chapter Three: No Need To Go Postal...

Bailey and Matt hit the dirt floor with a loud thunk. They had fallen a good twenty feet, and the impact knocked the breath out of them. Bailey lay staring at the blackness above her in disbelief.

That didn't just happen, she thought as pain shot through her body. We are not lying in Kaia's pyramid. This isn't happening.

But considering the fact that she was conscious of bruises forming on her backside and her head, she knew she wasn't imagining this nightmare.

"Owwwww," Matt drawled from beside her. "I think I broke my legs."

"Are you serious?" Bailey cried, springing to a sitting position and straining to see Matt's face in the darkness.

"No," Matt answered. "Just testing you."

That earned him a punch in the ribs.

"Wow," Matt moaned. "You've got quite an arm there, Bailey. Ever thought about becoming a boxer?"

"Matt!" Bailey squealed. "Are you really this stupid? We just fell several feet into a pyramid that is supposed to be haunted and cursed. Plus, it's really dark in here; and the worst part of it is, I'm stuck in here with you instead of...anyone else on the planet! I could be in here with Brad Pitt or Ashton Kutcher, but no. God has to have a sense of humor."

There were several moments of silence before Matt said, "Well, gee, Bailey. You don't have to go all postal. It's not like we're trapped in here forever or something."

"Oh yeah?" Bailey asked, getting to her feet. "Well, if you didn't notice, Matthew--"

"The name's Matt, Courtland," Matt growled as he too jumped to his feet.

"Whatever. We fell into the pyramid when we leaned against the door. That means that the entrance can only be accessed by people who are outside of the pyramid." Despite the darkness, Bailey began to pace. Her voice became hysterical. "People on the inside of the pyramid would have to pull the door open, and that door was seamless. We wouldn't be able to stick our fingers in the cracks and pull it open. If there's any hope of us getting out of here, there has to be a doorknob or handle. But there's two problems with that plan. Number one: we wouldn't be able to reach the door because it's so far up. And number two: it's so dark in here, we don't even know if there is a handle!"

"Bailey!" Matt shouted, grabbing Bailey by the shoulders. "We have to stay calm. If there's any hope of us getting out of here, we need to keep calm and think."

Tears began to stream down Bailey's face. She felt so hopeless. Her head was spinning as Jaheem's words replayed in her head.

More people have disappeared in this part of the desert than nearly any other place on earth. And they say that they're sucked into Kaia's pyramid, never to be heard from again.

What if I never see my parents again, she thought. Sobs began to collect in her throat. You can't cry, she ordered herself. Not in front of Matt. You have to stay calm. Stay calm. Just stay calm....

"Oh, Matt!" she cried, beginning to cry so uncontrollably that her shoulders began to shake. "What if we never get out of here?"

Matt pulled her into a hug as tears of his own rolled down his face. Stay brave, he coached himself. Don't let her see you're upset.

"Don't worry about it, Bailey. The others will see we're missing, and they'll start looking for us. They're all smart people, they'll figure it out. We'll be out in no time. We just need to stay calm. And you never know, there might be another entrance. Just stop crying, okay? I need you just as much as you need me. Kay?"

Bailey pulled away. "Right.... Are you crying?"

"No!" Matt exclaimed, quickly wiping the salty tears from his cheeks. "What would make you think that?"

"Whatever," Bailey said. "So what should we do?"

"I think we need to check our supplies and see how we need to ration our food," Matt answered.

"Right," Bailey said. They sat down and found their knapsacks. They emptied them on the floor, and this is what they found:

Two mini flashlights (batteries full)

Two eight pack of AA Duracell batteries

Four bottles of water

Two windbreaker jackets

A packet of cheese crackers

A packet of Chips Ahoy cookies

Two packets of Juicy Fruit chewing gum

A packet of wintogreen Tic Tacs

Bailey's portable CD player

Bailey's CD collection

"Alright! Flashlights!" Matt cried, clicking the on button of Bailey's flashlight.

Nothing happened.

"No!" Matt cried. He grabbed his own flashlight and hit the on button.


"Try these!" Bailey cried, tossing Matt a packet of Duracell batteries.

Matt tore into them as if his life depended on it...which in a way, I guess his life did depend on it.

Bailey began to pray as Matt screwed the lid on. "Please let it work, please let it work."

Click! Matt hit the button.

Still nothing.

"No," he breathed. He hit the flashlight against the ground. "No! This cannot be happening!" He hit the flashlight against the ground repeatedly, rage filling his body.

Bailey's eyes filled with tears as she listened to Matt desperately trying to fix the flashlights.

"Matt," she whispered.

"Stupid, stupid flashlight! I can't believe this!"

"Matt?" Bailey asked.

"Bailey, what are we going to do? We needed those flashlights, Bailey!"



Bailey reached through the darkness and found Matt's wrist. "We need to stay calm."

"Calm, right."

"Let's just wait for the others to find us," Bailey said.

"What'll we do while we wait?" Matt asked.

"Wanna name the fifty state capitals?"

"Tell me you're joking."

"I'm not."



"Has anyone seen Bailey?" Andie asked, striding up to Micheal, Kevin, and some of the other guys from the group.

"Nope," Micheal said. "Last time I saw Bailey, she was helping Matt look for the secret entrance to the pyramid; but that was about an hour ago."

The group had decided to camp beside Kaia's pyramid, and kids were setting up tents all over the site. Chaos had reigned, and Andie had lost Bailey in the shuffle.

Andie sighed. "Well, I haven't seen Matt since you guys dared him to find the entrance."

Kevin began to snicker. "What's so funny?" Micheal asked, frowning.

"I was just thinking about where they might be, that's all," Kevin said. "I'm sure their somewhere making out."

Micheal grabbed Kevin by the shirt. "That's my baby sister you're talking about, Wilson! Bailey is not the type to 'make out.' Ever."

Kevin jerked his shirt loose of Micheal's grip. "It was just a joke, Mikey."

"I don't know," Andie murmured. "Bailey's always had a crush on Matt. She's just never wanted to admit it."

"Yeah," Kevin said. "And Matt's always had a crush on Bailey. Now if you put two and two together you get--"

"Wilson, if you want to live until tomorrow, you'll shut up," Micheal warned, holding up his fist in front of Kevin's face.

Andie pulled Micheal's hand away. "We need to find them. Something could've happened to them."

"You're right, Andie," Kevin said. "Maybe we should tell Jaheem or Mr. Hart."

"Good idea," Micheal said, staring at Andie's hand which was holding his own. "Let's go."


"...Sacramento, Salem, Santa Fe, Salt Lake City," Bailey said, counting off each capital on her fingers. She had already named the capitals twice, and Matt had dared her to try and name them in alphabetical order. Bailey had found it an amusing challenge, and she had almost completed it. She was about to say Springfield--the next capital in line--but then she heard it.

A snore echoed off of the high ceilings, and Bailey sighed.

Matt had fallen asleep.

Figures, she thought. If she had been able to see him, she would've reached out, slapped him awake, and made him listen to her finish the capitals; but the room was so black she couldn't even see her hand in front of her face. Besides, she was kind of tired herself.

She groped for her windbreaker and pulled it on. It seemed as if the pyramid had gotten colder all of a sudden. Weird, she thought. She found Matt's windbreaker, followed his snores to his body, and draped the jacket over his still figure.

She laid down beside him thinking that if the pyramid got any colder, they could share body heat. But deep down—in her heart—she knew that it was because of her feelings for him.

He's so cute and funny, she thought feeling his breath on her face, but he's still an idiot....


"Let me get this straight," Mr. Hart said, pulling his cigaratte out of his mouth. "Matthew Clark, the soccer star; and Bailey Courtland, your straight-A sister have both disappeared?"

"Yep," Micheal said, nodding.

"And you say that they've both had crushes on the other for years?" Mr Hart asked, turning to Kevin and Andie.

"Right," they said in unison.

"And you don't think they've run off together?" he asked, turning back to Micheal.

"Bailey's too smart to do something so stupid, and Matt's too nice."

"Well, where do you think they went?"

Micheal glanced at Kevin and Andie. "We're not sure, but you heard what Jaheem said. Maybe something happened with the pyramid."'

Mr. Hart snorted. "Jaheem said there was an entrance to the pyramid, but he said it was hidden. Scholars haven't even been able to find it. Besides, you kids are smart enough to know that all of that was just a story...right?"

"Well...." Micheal began.

"The thing is, Mr Hart," Andie began, "Micheal dared Matt to find the entrance to the pyramid. Bailey was helping him look. That was the last time we saw them."

Mr. Hart's eyes narrowed. He stared at each one of them for several minutes as if he were trying to decide whether or not this was a prank.

"Okay," he said, finally deciding they were serious. "Let's do it this way. I'll tell Jaheem that your sister and Matt are missing. You, me, Jaheem, and your friends will look for this...this 'secret entrance.' Then, I'll ask a couple of the other chaperones to look for them in the tents and in any other possible make out place. That way, we've covered all of our bases, and everyone is satisfied. Sound good?"

"Sounds good," Micheal agreed. "Mr. Hart, did I ever tell you that you're my favorite teacher?"

"Micheal," Mr. Hart said, chuckling. "Don't push it."

"Right," Micheal agreed. "Let's find my dorky sister and that loser Matt."


"They WHAT?" Jaheem screamed, his eyes frantic.

"The kids think that Matt Clark and Bailey Courtland may have found the secret entrance to the pyramid and got sucked in or something," Mr. Hart said quickly when he saw the expression on the tour guide's face. Surely the guy didn't actually believe those campfire tales he had told the students!

"We have to get out of here!" Jaheem shrieked, diving to pack up his things. "If they found the entrance, that means that we could also be sucked in! If we stay, more of us will disappear! Get the kids and let's go!"

Okay, apparently he did believe in his own campfire stories.

"Are you kidding me?" Mr. Hart asked increduously. "I mean, I don't think that they were sucked into the stupid pyramid. I think they're hiding in one of the tents making out like all teenagers do; but you're telling me that you do believe they're in there, but you're just going to leave them in there?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying!" Jaheem exclaimed, tripping over a fold-up chair. "I was born in Egypt, and ever since I was a child, I have heard the stories of Princess Kaia's pyramid. This is nothing to mess with, Mr. Hart. We must leave."

"We're not leaving until we find Bailey and Matt. Now, are you going to help us look for them so that we can leave, or are you going to stay here?"

Jaheem stared at Mr. Hart for several long minutes. "Alright, alright. Let's find those kids, and get out of here. I'm already getting the duckbumps."

"Um, that's goosebumps," Mr. Hart corrected as they strode toward the pyramid.

"That's what I said. Duckbumps."


Matt yawned as he awoke. His eyes were full of sleep, but he could clearly see a blond head in his vision. He identified it as Bailey's locks that were swimming in front of his eyes, and everything that had happened.

The Egypt trip, falling into the pyramid, Bailey freaking out, and the game of capitals. He remembered falling asleep not long after he had told Bailey to alphabetize the capitals. It had been a really exciting hour, that's for sure.

Matt smiled as he realized that Bailey and he had been sleeping just inches from each other. He had dreamed of this for years, but it wasn't happening exactly as he had envisioned it. He tugged on a lock of Bailey's hair, and she turned over to face him in her sleep. He pushed a piece of golden hair behind Bailey's ear. Her face is so beautuful, he thought. Especially in this lighting....

Wait a minute, Matt thought. He glanced up and realized for the first time that the pyramid had been lit with torches while he had been asleep. The torches dotted the walls, and the flames made shadows dance across the room.

The room was a lot nicer than Matt had imagined. While the floor was made of packed dirt, the walls were covered in bright tapestries that featured bright colors and hieroglyphics. The ceiling was covered with a painting of a night sky. It looked so amazingly real that Matt was distracted for several minutes.

But when he finally came back to his senses, he felt goosebumps creep across his skin. It couldn't be true. Surely, Kaia hadn't lit up the torches while they had been asleep. Because Kaia was dead. And dead people couldn't go around lighting torches...right?


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