Realm Of The Four Moons

Chapter One

Senna observed everything around her in all directions. She was Curious. Afraid. Lost..... She had no idea where she was. All Senna had left to do was walk. She could just walk, and see what she finds. She knew this wasn't her greatest idea she came up this, she knew it was idiotic and stupid. But What Else did she have to do? Senna walked forward atleast a mile and still found nothing! So she walked further on, finally she came to something. It was a huge hole, you could probaly fit the Empire State Building in it. Senna just couldn't hold herself back, she had to see what was in it. "Theres no harm in taking a little peak anyways right?" Senna said to herself. She knew she was wrong, but that never stopped her before. So she slowy walked up to the edge of hole. Then looked down inside. She saw a HUGE pile of bones, only they were put the together in the shape of a dragon. She let out a large gasp of fear, but it was only seconds later when she realized it was just a pile of bones that looked similar to the shape of a dargon. And maybe it wasn't the shape of a dargon. How would she know? She's never seen a real dragon before anyways. "It's just a pile of worthless aged bones!" She told herself. But with that info, she was wrong.

Red lights appeared in the place where an eye would be if it was alive, alive in the mortal sense. The large living dead beast lifted it's massive head. The swiftly joints it's neck, and looks at Senna. Senna felt nothing but fear, as the bone dragon's fire blazing red eyes stared into her. She knew she shouldve ran. But she was scared stiff. Her head was filled with so much fear, there was room for any logical thoughts like run. So she just stood there. Pitiful. Weak. Afraid. The creature slowy lifted to its feet. It lifted one foot at a time, and shook the dirt off. Then stretched upwards, as if it just woke up from a nice long nap. O yea! It did!

It slowly spread it's wide bone wings. Then let out it's claws. Th next moment it's claws were jabbed into the wall, and the monster was clinging to the top of the hole. Finally Senna got some sense, got in a stance then spang to the left, and sprinted as far away, and as fast as she could. When she looked back over her shoulder all she saw was the dragon high in the air gliding straight towards her! Oh no! What was she to do! There is know way she could out run it. And it would be impossible to defeat it.

The dragons jaw was all the way open. It's jaws were as sharp as a knife. It was only seconds before Senna was in the mouth of the bone dragon. It was only seconds until Senna's blood will be spilling all over the Creature's mouth. She swept one more look before the dragon's mouth closes on her.

But Senna was not killed. The dragon's red eyes closed, the dragon fell to the ground right behind senna. The massive bone beast fell to the ground with a huge BOOM! Dirt scattered around everywhere. Senna went flying ten feet forward when the dragon hit the ground. Senna landed on the hard rock dirt. The monster was nothing but a pile of dead bones now. But what killed it? That still remains a mystery. What in the realme of the four moons would want to save Senna? What could defeat such a large creature? Many questions filled Senna's head. She sat there for nearly an hour thinking about what just happened. What creature could have such a massive size? Well, Senna is just glad what ever it was, it was on her side. Or was it? Did it save Senna just so it can kill her? That's another mystery in it's self. All she saw was a quick flash go bye, then, the dragon fell down dead. The more she thought about what she saw, and what happened, the more curious she got. The main thought going through her head is, she doesn't wanna mess with what ever killed boney over there. She finally stood up, and continued walking on through The Realm of The Four Moons, looking for a way home. If there is one, that is..............