Rather Be Human

Fanthil drew in a deep breath spewed out flames. Ithar's robe caught fire and he went hysterical. Screaming and running around, until he accidently ran off the Council Platform and fell down the mountainside.

The transformed dragons were no help, because when they changed into human beings, they had no clothes. Gothorn had dressed Gyrin after his transformation so he would be decent. The now dragon-humans were hiding behind boulders and such, their faces as red as beets.

While Fanthil was busy terrorizing Mikril, Kaibinl had crept up behind Fanthil. Gyrin could see his lips moving. He was setting up a spell. Gyrin rushed at Mikril, knocking him down.

As Gyrin was struggling with Mikril, Gothorn spotted Larken watching the tableu. She was trying to find something that she could do to help. Though Fanthil and Gyrin seemed to already have the upper hand. She had forgotten about Gothorn.

Larken had decided that she would help Gyrin with Mikril. But, when she was about to do so, a thin, bony, hand grasped her wrist and pulled her toward the edge of the platform. It was Gothorn.

He shoved her to the ground and pinned her down.

"I'll teach you to meddle in my affairs, you insolent little brat!" He snarled. Gothorn was about to shove Larken over the edge of the platform when he was pulled away from her.

Fanthil had grasped Gothorn's cloak in his mouth. Now, he swung Gothorn up in the air and catching him in his mouth, once he came down; eating him.

Seeing that their leader was gone, Mikril and Kaibinl got on their broomsticks and bolted.

Fanthil was about to launch himself after him when Gyrin touched Fanthil's scaly-side.

"You have to change us back! Only dragons can use the Dragon Stone without burning themselves!"

"Ah, yes." Fanthil said with a grin, remembering. "Do you mind if I do your brothers first, since they have no clothes . ."

"Of course," Gyrin said with a nod.

Fanthil lumbered up to the Dragon Stone and shifted it back to it original position on the pedestal, since the wizards moved it a bit when trying to take it.

He placed a talon-like hand on the stone and closed his eyes.

It glowed a bright red. The rays of light shooting from the stone, laid themselves on each recently transformed dragon.

Immedietly, the dragons' original features came back and they became the towering beasts of the air once more.

Fanthil turned a tired, but happy face to Larken and Gyrin. "We shall postpone the confirmation ceremony until tomorrow night, due to the circumstances we just faced. So, please, rest here on the platform, we shall rest ourselves in the caves and on the mountain peaks."

With grateful yawns Larken and Gyrin thanked Fanthil.

Larken set up her blanket and was about to lie down when she spotted Gyrin leaning against one of the pillars and looking out upon the realm of Caer Carin.

The wind was tugging at his red locks. Pulling the strands out of his eyes.

Larken stared at him; her heart beating like a drum.

She found herself getting up from her blanket and walking over to Gyrin.

"What's the matter?" She asked.

"I- I'm not sure I want . ." his voice trailed off.

"What, Gyrin?"

"I'm not sure I want to be a dragon again."

Larken was taken aback. "What? Why?"

"I have no real reason nor the inclination to become one again."

"But, you have a reason to stay human?" Larken asked this in an annoyed tone. The whole point of their journey was to have him become a dragon again, and now that they had reached the final stage, he had changed his mind!

After Larken had asked her question Gyrin turned his face to her. His expression was so wistfull. Larken's heart was slamming against her chest so hard that it was a wonder that Gyrin didn't hear it.

Suddenly Gyrin took hold of Larken's shoulders and pulled her towards him. His lips connected with hers in such a passion that Larken's breath was practically taken away.

His lips were firm and warm against hers. He kissed her thoroughly.

When Gyrin pulled away, Larken astonished him by putting a hand behind his neck and pulling his head down to hers again. Her kiss was equally passionate. Gyrin's eyes flew open at first, in surprise, then closed again as she continued to kiss him.

When their lips reluctantly parted for want of air, Gyrin put his arms around Larken's waist and held her close.

"Larken . ." he breathed, "I can't be a dragon. I have no desire to be one anymore. I would rather spend the rest of my days on the ground with you, then in the air the rest of my days without you. I' laith la. I love thee."

"Gyrin . ." Larken began as tears of happiness sprang into her eyes. "I love you too."

Gyrin smiled the warmest, brightest, most joyus smile Larken had ever seen him wear. He hugged her to his chest. "My love . ."

Suddenly a loud "A-hem!" was heard behind them. The couple turned to see Fanthil and the rest of the dragons staring at them, some with disapproval in their eyes, and some looking just plain curious.

"What's going on here?" Fanthil's voice boomed. Larken clutched at Gyrin's sleeve and he protectively stepped infront of her.

"I'm sorry, Fanthil, but . . I no longer wish to be a dragon. I would like to stay a human and live with this maiden, who is the only reason I made it here in the first place. If not for her I would be still chained up outside of Gothorn's cottage. I owe Larken Galindal Limithrin my life and," he added giving her hand a squeeze, "I have presented to her my heart, which she has accepted, giving me hers in return."

Fanthil and the rest of the company sat in silence for a long while. Then, the old gray dragon sighed. "Very well. We will miss you, my lad. I have watched you grow from dracling to dragon. Now, you are a human. A human who has won the love of another human, which I heard is not an easy task." Fanthil smiled warmly. "I would like to see your children. To teach them about dragons, giving them an accurate view of us so they will not grow up to be dragon-slayers or something nasty like that. When they come, let me know. You know where to find me."

"I will," Gyrin answered. "Though, I will be able to teach them too, being once a dragon myself."

"I know, lad," the dragon answered with a chuckle, then whispered, "but I need an excuse every now and then to get away from the wife."

Gyrin and Larken laughed.

"I think we had better be going now," Larken said, "you probably need to get on with your council."

"Oh, yes!" Fanthil exclaimed, suddenly remembering that there was another agenda.

Lorraine stepped forward.

"It would be my honor to fly you back home, my friends."

"Thank-you, Lorraine," Gyrin said.

Lorraine lay down on her belly, so to make it easier for Gyrin and Larken to climb upon her back.

After they were securely situated, Lorraine trotted up to the edge of the platform and took off into the sky.

Gyrin and Larken waved goodbye to the dragons under the Council Arches.

After the sight of the other dragons became enveloped by the mountain peaks of Black Mountain, Gyrin laid his arm around Larken's shoulder, hugging her to his side.

Larken smiled and sighed with contentment and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"So, where are we going to live?"

"Well, we are going to get married first before we live anywhere together, Gyrin."

"Oh, of course! I know. I was just wondering . . do you have any ideas of where you might want to live?"

"Do you know what? I always liked Gothorn's cottage. It was a cute cottage, the only thing unsavory about it was that Gothorn was in it. Now that he's gone, we can have it."
"That sounds fine!" Gyrin exclaimed.

A few minutes later, the two lovers had fallen asleep, having had no sleep whatsoever for the past fifteen hours.