I am watching you
But you are unaware.
Behind my harmless, helpless camouflage
Lurks the heart of an animal.
I can smell you.

There you are
In a playful baseball cap,
Maybe sharing a shiny new toy,
Or sitting quietly at the edge of the sandbox
While the children play.

I watch
For that moment when you steal away alone
Perhaps around the corner
Behind the trees
Inside the bathroom

I count the children
To make sure they are all still there
Still safe
And if any are missing,
I will make my move.

You can't see me,
My camouflage works-
My juice boxes,
Diaper bag
you are fooled.

You don't see my teeth,
My claws,
My talons,
With which I protect the kids I see.

So before you try to lure some kid away
With your shiny toy,
Promises of chocolates,
Know that I am watching,
And I will strike.

You are my prey.