© Black Tangled Heart - 2002

My heart fractures more with each word that tumbles vehemently

From my mouth in a haze of fury, only because I love you

Jealousy has laid her frigid hands upon me, making me bitter, making me cold

Shielding the love I have for you that flows in my soul

Like blood does through my veins

Raw, real, red

For you I cry

Broken by your absence in my life

Shattered when I place the blame on you

Healed when you return to me, embellishing my reasons

For caring so deeply to begin with

I am fragile, envious

A beautiful poisonous flower, cast amongst thorns

Ready to be hurt; bleeding in your arms

Safe again cradled by your palms; nestled in your sigh

Dewdrop kisses and toxic glares

Crude screams and a passionate embrace

Beautiful agony; sweet misery