S. C. R. A. P.

By: Lauren

I don't get your ways

You treat me cold

It's only me you scold

Then at the last second

You flash me a warm smile

Or a kind word

It's like taking away a poor girl's food,

Waving it in front of her

Then leaving as she cries in hunger

But a second before you disappear

You throw her a tiny scrap

To chew on

You bring the darkness

You bring the pain

You bring the sorrow

Then give off a tiny spark of hope

It confuses me

It muddles my heart

I don't understand

I hate this game

It's like playing cat and mouse

But it's my heart that's on a string

And your claws that pierce through it

Then you bandage up the wound

Can't you pick one way or another?

Love or hate?

Not a mixture of both

A mix is cruel

A stab

A scream

A puddle of red

Then an embrace

That's just stupid

I hate it

It hurts.

Your version of love hurts.

And in my confusion

I can do nothing but cry

An ounce of love here

A pound of hate there

...Look, there's a scrap...

...Please, take it back...