Each day I go through

Depends on talking to you.

I look forward to it every night,

It keeps me through the day.

I worry when I don't see you,

Don't hear from you for days.

Feeling this way, to some degree..

Well, it scares me.

I've never felt this dependent.

I feel such love for you,

Can it be real? Can it be true?

I don't know, and each day

I only feel more confused.

Confusion settles in, which leads to questions.

Do you feel it, too?

Or am I imagining it all?

I love you, my friend,

And you know, that I'm there

I'm there until the end.

You've said the same to me,

Although sometimes I don't see how.

I go on about my own issues

And don't pause to think of you

I try to listen to you, yet somehow

The talk always goes back to me.

Help me listen better

And be a better friend

For someone who has promised

To be with me 'til the end.

Someone I depend on,

Who may depend on me?

Feeling this way for you,

To some degree scares me.