(Scene: the Egyptian grounds in the morning.)

[The Egyptian gods- minus Set, of course- gather around the fire pit...]

RA: Well, Set's gone! Now what do we do?

HORUS: Face it- we're better off without him!

THOTH: While that may be true, Horus, we are still one deity weaker, which gives the Greek tribe an advantage.

ANUBIS: *turns to Horus* He's right, you know.

HATHOR: Well, we can't just sit here! There must be something we can do.

ISIS: *sighs* If only we knew what.

HORUS: *stands angrily* This is pathetic! We could do much better without Set! We may even have a chance to beat those Greeks! Come now- who's with me?

[One by one, the rest of the Egyptian gods and goddesses eventually stand]

HORUS: Now this is more like it!

ANUBIS: Still, we cannot think lightly of Set's absense. His hunting skills found our most promising meals, so we'll have to make up for that with extra effort. Otherwise, I think we'll be just fine.

HORUS: I could offer my skills, Anubis. I did slay quite a few of Set's soldiers; a desert beast should be quite easy.

HATHOR: I'd like to hear you say that again when we're out on the hunt.

HORUS: *rolls his eyes* You think too lightly of my skills, dear Hathor.

ANUBIS: Has it ever occured to you, Horus, that you may be thinking of your skills too highly?

[Horus is about to speak, but is suddenly at a loss of words. He sits back down near the fire pit]

ANUBIS: *smirks* I knew it.

[Giza bounds over to the gods and approaches Isis with a note]

GZ: *gives the note to Isis* Here are the directions for the next tribal game.

ISIS: Thank you kindly, Giza. *opens the note...*



(Scene: the Greek grounds in the morning)

[The Greek gods and goddesses await their next assignment...]

HADES: *stomping his foot impatiently* Come on! He should have been here hours ago!

HERA: Be patient, Hades. I'm sure we'll get our assignment-

APHRODITE: As soon as we fall back asleep! Should we really have to wait this long?!

ZUES: Now, Aphrodite-

[Hera scoffs and turns away from Zues]

ZUES: *sighs* Never mind. *mumbles* Women!

HERA & APHRODITE: Excuse me?!

ARES: *laughs* Having a little trouble with the ladies, Zues?

ZUES: Shut it, Ares!

HADES: *to Ares* Yeah, why would he want your smart mouth when he's got mine?

ZUES: *annoyed* Hades, you are trying my patience...

APOLLO: *to Hercules* Is your father always this steamed?

HERCULES: *shrugs* Yeah, I guess. You get used to it after a while.

[Soon, Zues and Hades start quarelling for some reason. Worried, Hermes steps in]

HERMES: *coming between Zues and Hades* Now, gentlemen, I'm sure there's a way we can-

ZUES & HADES: *to Hermes* Would you stay out of this?!

[Chiron bounds over to the gods just in time and approaches Hera with a note]

CR: *giving Hera the note* Here are the directions for the next tribal game.

HERA: Thank goodnes! *opens the note...*

ISIS & HERA: Hello again, fellow deities!
Time again for your next tribal game, called "Mything Links"!
You will only need one person from your tribe.
The person must track down any mythological creature, and bring it back to base.
Whoever brings back the best creature wins! Best wishes!
Sabertooth Kitty
PS- neither Giza nor Chiron will count as sutable entires.


ISIS: So, who feels up for the challenge?

HORUS: I'll volunteer!

ANUBIS: Just a moment! I'd like to volunteer as well!

HATHOR: Wait! I'd like to give it a try myself!

THOTH: Correct me if I'm wrong, but none of you have ever found a fantastic creature, have you?

[Horus, Anubis, and Hathor stand silent, unable to answer Thoth]

THOTH: Has... anyone here ever come across such a beast?

[Most of the gods and goddesses shrug]

RA: I've come face to face with such horrific creatures. I shall take up the challenge.

OSIRIS: It seems reasonable. *turns to the other gods* What say you?

[None of the others say anything]

THOTH: Then it's settled. Ra shall participate in the games.

GZ: *brings forth a camel* Let's go. We don't want to keep them waiting.

RA: *nods and mounts his camel* We won't, Giza. We won't.

[Giza smiles and leads the camel away...]


HERA: So, who here feels-

HERCULES: I shall volunteer!

HERA: *shakes her head* Oh well. At least he volunteered.

ZUES: He seems to be the best at it anyway! He captured the Arcadian stag-

APHRODITE: And caught those man-eating mares-

ARES: And killed the Nemean lion-

HERMES: And caught the Erymanthian boar-

APOLLO: And brought forth Cerberus!

HADES: Don't remind me.

HERCULES: Relax, Hades! I returned him, didn't I?

HADES: *scoffs* If you ask me, you shouldn't have taken him at all!

HERCULES: I had to if I wanted to be immortal, like my father!

ZUES: *pats Hercules on the back* That's my boy!

CR: *brings forth a horse* So, is he going or not?

HERCULES: *laughs, then mounts his horse* I'm coming, Chiron. Let us depart!

[Chrion sighs as he leads the horse away...]


(Scene: huge sand dune. In the distance is some scarce wilderness. Sabertooth Kitty sits atop the sand dune, between Ra and Hercules)

SK: You guys ready?

[Ra and Hercules nod]

SK: Okie dokie... go! *roars as Ra and Hercules approach the wilderness, in separate directions...*

(Scene: a huge body of water- possibly the Red Sea)

[Ra walks along the shoreline, peering deep into the water]

RA: *squinting* I know he's here... I've heard many a fable about him, but only I know his exact whereabouts... *waves his hands over the water* Follow my guiding hands, beast. Follow...

[Something bursts out of the water, it's huge body looming over Ra]

RA: *smirks* I thought I'd find you here. *holds out a spear* Come to me, creature!

[The beast- whatever it is- bellows in reply]

RA: *sighs in frustration* This is going to be trickier than I thought...

(Scene: open wilderness, with some scarce brush)

[Hercules lurks behind some tall grasses, carefully watching a large beast feed on the brush nearby]

HERCULES: *whispering* Just a little closer... *whistles like a bird*

[The beast raises it's head, turns toward the grasses where Hercules hides, and approaches cautiously]

HERCULES: *leaps from the bush and wraps his arms aroung the beast's neck* Gotcha!

[The beast struggles for a moment, then finally gives weigh to Hercules' strength]

HERCULES: Great. *wraps a rope tightly around the beast's neck* Let's go. *leads the beast away...*

(Scene: huge sand dune.)

[ Sabertooth Kitty waits for Ra and Hercules with Giza, Chiron, and the Greek & Egyptian gods]

SK: *peers over the horizon* Here comes Hercules... but where's Ra?

[Hercules approaches, bringing with him a beautiful...]

GZ: Sweetness!

CR: What a magnificent creature!

SK: *nods* Not bad, Hercules. That unicorn is quite a prize!

HERCULES: I know- I'm surprised I even found it! *rubs the unicorn's neck* Beautiful, isn't she?

UNICORN: *thinking* Who are you calling a 'she', pal?

HERCULES: *hears his thoughts* Oh, I'm sorry- he's simply astounding.

UNICORN: *nods* Much better.

SK: Don't get too excited; we're still waiting for-

[The ground shakes momentarily, and a giant serpentine creature appears, carrying with it...]

SK: Ra? Are you up there?!

[The beast lowers it's head and allows Ra to "dismount" it's head]

RA: *patting the beast's head* Sea serpent- nothing more than a giant snake-like dragon.

SK: Well... that's... wow, I can't even put this into words.

SEA SERPENT: *thinking* Amazing? Terrifying? Fabulous? They all describe my better qualities.

RA: *hears his thoughts* Quiet, beast.

SEA SERPENT: *growls* Watch it...

SK: *turns to Giza and Chiron* Well, what do you think?

GZ: I'm most impressed with the sea serpent.

CR: I find the unicorn to be the most astounding.

SK: Personally, I favor both, but if I must choose...

[Each of the gods anxiously murmur amoungst themselves]

SK: *turns to the gods* The winner is... Egypt! Their sea serpent has won this tribal game!

[The Egyptian gods cheer and congradulate Ra]

SK: *looking at the Greek gods* Tonight, you must vote off a member of your tribe.

[The Greek gods nod, their faces downcast...]


(Scene: the Egyptian grounds at night)

[The Egyptian gods and goddesses are eating, drinking, and dancing around the fire]

HATHOR: *hugs Ra* Congradulations, father!

RA: *hugs Hathor in return* Thank you, Hathor.

ANUBIS: *approaches Ra with Horus* You did excellent, Ra!

HORUS: Indeed! I never knew there were sea serpents in this area.

RA: It takes time and patience, Horus-

ANUBIS: And a lot of luck!

RA: *laughs* That as well.

OSIRIS: *raises a cup of wine* Let us drink once more to Ra, for his excellent efforts!

[The Egyptian gods toast, then drink and continue in their merriment...]


(Scene: the Greek grounds at night)

[The Greek gods and goddesses gather around the fire as Chrion approaches them]

CR: Now you must vote off a member of the tribe. Remember- think carefully before you make your decision.

[The Greek gods and goddesses nod as they begin to vote, individually]

ZUES: *votes Hades* I really can't stand him!

HERA: *votes Aphrodite* Try and steal my husband, will she...

HERCULES: I hate to do it, but I just can't bear seeing him like this.

HADES: *votes Zues* Duh!

APOLLO: This guy's really been on-edge lately.

HERMES: He doesn't do much around here anyway.

ARES: This guy's gotta go!

APHRODITE: I think I made a wise decision.

CR: *gathers up all the votes* Okay, we're done. Let's check out the score... *reads off the votes* Hades... Aphrodite... Zues... Zues... Hades... Ares... Hades... and Hera. Well, this was a close score, but with three votes, I must have your torch... Hades.

HADES: What the?! You've got to be kidding me!!

CR: Tough luck, Hades. Your torch, please!

[Hades growls as he hands Chrion his torch and sulks away...]

HADES: What did I ever do to them? Why'd I get kicked off?! I blame Zues for all this! ZUES!!

(Scene: huge sand dune. Sabertooth Kitty stands in the middle)

SK: Here are the complete standings for tonight, people-


SET *voted off*


ZUES (2 votes- Hercules and Hades)
HERA (1 vote- Aphrodite)
HADES *voted off* (3 votes- Zues, Apollo, and Ares)
ARES (1 vote- Hermes)
APHRODITE (1 vote- Hera)

SK: Check out the next episode of... SURVIVOR!! Coming soon!