|Tarong | | | |To late to love | | | |Tear me loose from this earth | |stop holding me back | |set me free | |let me see what is it i lack | |desolate meaning | |intangible yet so strong | |all those trials all those miles | |am i still doing wrong | |can this be | |all i see lies clear and true | |may i live one more life | |if only for you... | |© Nat 02 | | |

|Desperate, Tarong igniciated the auto destruct sequence of his vessel as | |he locked himself into an escape pod. | |He slowly felt himself moving as the clear shell of the egg like capsule | |disembarked from the space ship. Hastily Tarong set course for the only | |galaxy unknown to the ruthless Shiam who destroyed his planet and | |race.7..6..5..4..3.. light years away Tarong witnessed in a brilliant show| |of color the destruction of the last evidence of his races existence. | |Debris pelted off of his capsule, chimming like many crystals rocked by | |the gentle winds of his world .Tarong inhaled the fluids of suspended | |animation .Shinning in his glazed eyes ,one last image of his mother | |cupping him in her arms as the Shiam tore through the hull of their ship, | |spilling the precious life giving hydro of their world into the empty | |abyss of space. Silence. | | | |Immersed in preserving liquids Tarong relaxed his body and let the fluids | |consume his mind and take bearings from his thoughts. | |Billions of light years into the future, in a distant galaxy, beyond the | |universe known by Tarong is a small spiraled speck. Called the Milky Way | |by the few inhabitants of a small pebble in a sea of stones . Earth lay | |far beyond the borders of a conventional mind ,and that Tarong did not | |have. | |Long before his birth during a period of mass colonization ,unmanned pods | |were sent by | |Tarongs people to explore distant galaxys. These pods contained synthetic | |beings specially designed to pilot the vessels on long journeys. One such | |vessel was sent to an ellipse galaxy where it encountered and led a horrid| |diseased race The Shiam back to the home world. Another vessel was sent | |further ,to a microscopic pinhole worlds away. This ship returned with | |samples of a primitive carbon based creature heavy of structure ,slight of| |mind. In an attempt to learn more about this fascinating being more ships | |were sent .But they were never to return. | |Then came the Shiam. Small pathetic creatures bent on controlling all | |activities in the universe, and sucking the lives out every being which | |stood in their way. Tho small the Shiam are technologically advanced far | |beyond any other species. After years of pillaging and destroying worlds | |they have become the most feared Race through out the universe. Their | |slight frames are protected by synthetic growth cells which enhance | |strength and allow regeneration and direct linkage betwixt every member of| |the Shiam race. | | | |In a mass evacuation process the Kwai, Tarongs people ,searched for a | |place to hide their hydro dependant race. The only such planet beacons | |them from galaxys away. Earth. The last resort was barely visible to the | |kwai as the tractor beam of a Shiam Destroyer Sphere locked onto and tore | |loose the bindings of their ships hull. Ziah, Lady protector of the Kwai, | |ordered a mass evacuation of the ship, but lo only one pod remained ,and | |her child must survive. The regenerator. The Tarong. The one to bring a | |new beginning. |