Fear is an instinct unknown to the kwai. Like many things it must be learned. Tarong never learned to fear, so when the shadowy bushes before him began quake and writhe He stood still in wait for the new creature to immerge before him.

The tuff of brambles shook violently before Tarong eyes wide in expectation. Suddenly a blaze of blue gray color shot towards him. With one fluid movement Tarong captured the tiny beast and secured it against his chest as he began to climb up into the moonlight. Standing in a litter of boulders over looking the spot he just vacated Tarong examined the small shivering creature. He held it high above him so the light could catch in its soft brownish fur an illuminate its piercing wild eyes.Its large ears and small tuff of a tail fascinated Tarong. Suddenly a growl from below drew his attentionaway from his prize.Another being prowled the brush below. Quite large and agile it slunk in and out of the moonlight, its ears pert apon its sharp angular head tail slowly twitching back and forth. Taong engrossed with this slender phantom relaxed his rip on the lesser being with in his grasp, the petrified creature slid out of Tarongs hand and with a soft crisp thud lay fainted at his feet. Pivoting for a better view Tarong grasped a sapling with his tail and leaned far out over the rocks. Too late the creature was no where in sight .Once again the melodies silenced by the presence of the beast picked up its chord startling Tarong who had grown accustomed to the deeep silence of discovery .

Tarong looked about him. Strange softly glowing orbs floated about him like millions of air bubbles in a calm velvet sea. Moiste air rose up to the brilliant lighted night sky.

Streaks of blue and silver light races across the moon and faded into the distance. Tarong sighed. This world was strange and beautiful.