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"..."= speech
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"Bye, Julie!"
"Bye, Eric!"
'Idiot.' She thought. 'He has no idea I'm cheating on him.' Eric walked away, and was soon out of sight and earshot b behind a building just as Mark drove up.
"Hey Jules!" "Hey Markey!"

"I hate you Eric! I cheated on you, I hate you, I always have and I always will!" "But-" "No 'buts,' Eric. We are finished!" Julie jumped into Mark's car. "Let's go, baby," she crooned to Mark. The car roared off, leaving Lavan behind under the dark 10 o' clock sky.

'Why? Why did she do that? Why did she say that? I- I loved her- why?'
"Why?!" He screamed to the bleak, empty sky.

As if in response, the sky darkened even more, and fat drops of rain began falling to the ground. He sniffled and looked up at the rapidly darkening sky, eyes streaming. 'No...' was his last thought before all thought escaped from his mind and he ran towards the dim alleyways of the city that bordered the beach.

'Where is he?!' Lavan thought frantically. 'I've been searching for two hours already and I'm friggin' soaked! I have to find him. This is probably the only chance that hell listen to me- my only chance to tell him that I- love him.' Lavan- yes, Lavan Barton- was gay.

'Where the hell is he? The bitch said she ditched him around here.' Lavan had been searching through the dark alleyways of Sea City (imaginative name, I know.) for over 2 hours, and had not seen hide nor hair of Eric Corey. 'Maybe- instead of in here, he's out there.' Lavan gazed outward, down the alley, across the beach, at the rocky jetty across the beach. 'It's worth a shot.'

He trudged through the rain and cold, plodding across the water-packed sand, hoping that the boy he secretly loved- had loved for years- was there, at his destination- the jetty.

He finally reached the edge of the jetty after what seemed like hours, but could only have been minutes. He climbed directly up the side of the jetty, not caring about the rocks that cut and scraped his hands, the wind that whistled through the rocks and tried to push him away from the jetty, the splashing water on the rocks that sent sprays of mist onto his face and back, making the sharp rocks slippery and dangerous.

Finally he reached one of the high points on the jetty. He gazed around him with the air of one who has been rejected so may times, he did not know what to expect- and the air of one who has longed after something for so long, it has practically become unattainable and only a distant vision.

Finally he spotted something un-rocklike amidst the dark browns and black of the wet rock- a pale form that barely moved and was barely visible- so that Lavan would have missed it had he not heard something from that direction- a choked and muffled sob. "Eric..." Lavan whispered angstfully. Carefully he picked his way over to the small form that was huddled inside a shallow crevice in the rock. He knelt down next to the shivering from, and shook his shoulder, whispering the ethereal boy's name again, louder. "Eric," he whispered mournfully. The boy stirred, opening tear-filled green eyes a crack, to see what was bothering him.

His eyes widened a trifle, one whispered word, "No..." then the eyes fluttered shut again as he slipped into unconsciousness. "Damn," Lavan cursed. He slipped one arm underneath Eric's knees, and one under the boy's shoulders, and stood up uncertainly, wondering if he could support the boy's weight and still walk. He gasped as Eric's full weight was pushed onto him. It was next to nothing. Had Eric even been eating? The boy was painfully thin, and Lavan wondered how Eric had been able o get out this far from lack of strength and weariness. Julie-the-hellspawned was going to pay for this.

He stumbled backward a little, letting his body adjust to the weight in his arms, then straightened, and began to move back down the jetty, towards the beach, with Eric still cradled against him. He finally reached the end of the jetty that actually sloped towards the beach. The only reason he had taken the vertical route was to get up there faster. The rain was still pounding onto the sand- as it had all this time- but was beginning to let up gradually even now. He jumped off of the end of the jetty and walked carefully towards his car, which was parked on the deserted beach right where he had left it. He walked as quickly as possible toward it, though still being careful not to jar Eric. He carried Eric around the front of the car, and balancing Eric on one knee, opened the door with his free hand.

He picked Eric back up and gently placed the boy onto the passenger seat, making sure to strap him in securely. Lavan pulled a blanket out from under the seat and covered Eric with it. Before he shut the door, he reached out and tenderly brushed a lock of dark brown hair away from Eric's closed eyes. He gently shut the door, being careful not to wake Eric. He walked around to the driver's side, and got in. He put the key in the ignition and turned up the heat, hoping it would warm and help Eric's soaked form.

Lavan drove off the beach and onto the highway that led to his house. There weren't many people on the roads at this hour, midnight. He got to the turnoff exit rather quickly, and used it, pulling off the highway and onto the road that led to his house. After a few minutes where he would glance at Eric every 5 seconds, he pulled into his driveway.

He turned off the car, and got out. He walked around the front of the car, and opened Eric's door, unbuckling him from his safety harness. He picked Eric up in the same manner as before, slipping one arm under knees, and the other under shoulders again. He lifted the boy from the seat, turning from the car and kicking the door closed with his foot. He walked silently towards the house, Eric still cuddled against his broad chest. Somehow Lavan got the door unlocked and ajar and nudged it all the way open with his foot again. He got Eric up the stairs with only a little trouble, and proceeded to the guest bedroom.

Lavan placed Eric down gently on the bed and glanced around for something that the boy could wear. He certainly couldn't remain in his own soaked and dirty clothes- he'd catch a cold. He walked into his own bedroom, and looked through his drawers and closet. Finally, after a minute of rummaging he found something. An old oversized gray shirt and a slightly tattered pair of black cargo pants.

He brought the clothing back into the spare bedroom and closed the door behind him. Lavan set the clothing down beside Eric's still form, and winced at what would come next, hoping that Eric wouldn't be too angry or embarrassed. Lavan gently unbuttoned Eric's once-red now-dirty and soaked long-sleeved shirt. His earlier observation had been right; the boy was painfully thin, but he did have good muscles. Lavan silently admired the boy's fine pectoral muscles, well-developed abdominal muscles, and excellent biceps and forearms. He placed one hand onto the boy's chest, holding him down so he could accomplish the next task. He reached down for the button on Eric's torn and stained blue jeans, pausing once with a wince, (I know, I used it already in this paragraph but I couldn't think of a better word) and unbuttoned Eric's jeans and pulled the zipper down. Still pinning Eric firmly to the bed, he pulled the pants off gently.

He tossed the wet, discarded clothing onto the floor, and pulled the soft, dry old jeans up Eric's legs. Past the knees, thighs, hips, finally zipping them up and buttoning them over Eric's boxers-no matter how wet they were, Lavan did not think Eric would be very happy with him if he removed those. He let go of Eric's chest, and before pulling the gray shirt over Eric's head, Lavan stopped to trace a smooth, hesitant finger over Eric's muscles. He mentally slapped himself, pulled the finger away, and pulled the shirt over Eric's head, hiding the boy's fine physique from his roving eyes.

He tossed all thoughts of lust out of his mind, pulling Eric's arms through the holes in the shirt. Lavan pulled back the comforter from the bed, and quickly and tenderly shifted Eric over to the sheet, and pulled the comforter over Eric. Lavan stared down at him; against the king-sized bed, Eric seemed smaller than usual; he was so pale, he was doll-like. Lavan had to battle the strong urge to lean down and kiss those soft, inviting lips. He won, but it was a hard-won victory.

He wrenched his head away, and turned from the bed, noiselessly pacing out of the room and heading downstairs to make himself some coffee. He trod into the kitchen, busying himself with taking out the coffee mixture and the pot. He set everything up, leaving the coffee to brew, and sat at the kitchen table to wait, wondering what to do when Eric woke up. A few minutes later, as he was still brooding, the coffee was ready and he still hadn't come up with a good answer. He poured himself a cup and quietly walked back upstairs with the mug. He stalked back into the guest room, mug in one hand and other empty. He placed the cup down on the bed's end table and turned to pull the chair from the desk in the room out from under the desk and rolled it over to the bedside, dropping himself into it, settling and preparing for a long night.

Eric half-woke. 'Where am I? This doesn't feel like- oh. Julie.' A wave of anguish rolled through him. His thoughts spiraled downwards. 'She left me. I loved her. Ran off to get... away. Alleys, abandoned buildings, beach, jetty, hole.' He had wanted to die. But.... now.... Where was he? This didn't feel like his bed. He cracked open one eye and woke up completely. This wasn't his bed. Or hell, even the damned hole! Where was he?!

He half moved his body, wincing as sore and stiff muscles made themselves known. His mouth opened in a silent gasp as his thigh bumped into something. He turned his head, and the thing moved away. As his head completed it's movement, the 'thing' came into his line of sight and he started. It was Lavan Barton.

Lavan immediately woke up fully as something nudged his shoulder. His head snapped up from the bed where it had apparently been resting since he fell asleep. He turned his head on a sore neck and forgot entirely about the pain as he saw Eric staring at him with wide, frightened eyes.

'What do I tell him? What do I say? "Oh, hi Eric. Fancy seeing you here. I was just wandering aimlessly along the beach in unreasonably cold weather, and climbed up onto the jetty for no apparent reason and just happened to see you lying there so I picked you up and brought you back to my house to make a love confession to you!?" ' He could just see how this conversation would go if he took that route. Meanwhile, Eric was staring at Lavan with the same horrified fascination that a deer would give a car as it was caught in the headlights, wondering, 'why has he brought me here? Did he bring me here? Why? Is he going to hurt me?' Then another thought, 'Lavan wouldn't hurt me. As far as I know he's never hurt anyone or anything intentionally...' then yet another thought. 'What am I wearing? These can't be his?!' He flushed. He was wearing worn black jeans and an old grey shirt, and was trapped beneath the slightly worn red and black comforter that was covered in symmetrical designs.

Eric was very slowly inching back to rest against the headboard, Lavan noticed. He was probably doing it unconsciously, but even so, the thought of Eric being afraid of him wrenched at his heart. "Eric, I..." he breathed. The two whispered words seemed to break the boy's silence and wall of fear. "Lavan, where are we? Why are you here? Why am I here? Where is- " his voice broke. "Eric?" Lavan whispered uncertainly.

"She- she left me, Lavan. She- called me worthless and said she- she hated me a-and never wanted to see me again. She had my heart in her hands and she dropped it to shatter. I thought she loved me... why?" The distraught boy broke down weeping.

"Hey, come on now..." Lavan moved from his position on the chair to the edge of the bed, sitting cautiously next to Eric, but not touching him. After a few minutes of Eric being racked by sobs, with no sign of stopping anytime soon, Lavan slowly, gently placed an arm around Eric's slim shoulders. After a few more minutes of incessant weeping, Eric's sobbing quieted, though tears still fell from his eyes. He sniffled and looked at Lavan. Apparently he just noticed that Lavan was closer and had put an arm around his shoulders, because he scooted away from Lavan to the opposite side of the bed from the chair, and huddled against the headboard.

It was all Lavan could do to not pounce on the helpless and confused boy and crush their lips together right then and there. "Eric," Lavan stated plainly. "I'm not going to hurt you." "Where are we?" Eric asked nervously. "My house." Lavan stated.

"Why... are we here?" Erik questioned. 'Wish I could tell you.' Lavan thought despondently.

"...I was looking for you..."
"Why?" 'Do you always ask the most difficult questions?'
'"Oh, I just wanted to tell you that I loved you. This was the best opportunity"...yeah, I wish I could say that.'
Instead he tried, "I was worried about you. You were gone for 2 hours in a bad mood, upset, and I was afraid... afraid you might try something stupid... I know you loved..."
"Maybe I should..." Eric said dully, looking out the window.
"What?" Lavan asked. He had to restrain himself from jumping on Eric and throttling the boy.
"Maybe I should... only child, m'parents don't give a shit, She hates me..." A few tears trickled down his cheeks.
"Oh, Eric." Lavan breathed.
"No one cares. Eric said.
"I do." Lavan mumbled.
"What?" Eric asked incredulously.
"I care." Lavan repeated, louder.
"You- do? Eric whispered.
"Yes," Lavan whispered, and before he could stop himself, he added, "I care very much."
Lavan seemed to jerk, then he laughed bitterly.
"Yeah, right," he snapped. "That's what she said and look at me now!"
Tears fell freely down his cheeks again, and Lavan's heart nearly shattered to see his love in such pain.
"Hey, I do," he said. He got up and walked around the bed, and gingerly sat down beside the weeping 16 year old.

"No you don't," came the tear-filled reply from the hanging head.
"Yes," Lavan whispered, and he slipped his hand under Eric's chin and tipped his face up and around so that Eric was looking up into Lavan's face. At least, he was facing that way. His eyes were still cast forlornly at the window.
"Yes, Eric. I..." he began uncertainly. Lavan was lost now. He was lost and there was only one way to continue. He tilted his head slightly to the side, leaned forward and pressed his lips to Eric's.

The younger boy's eyes widened, and he tensed up, but Lavan grabbed Eric by the shoulders and held him there.
'Don't run, don't run, don't run.' Lavan was silently pleading inside his head.
He opened his lips and caressed Eric's own lips. Eric gasped into his mouth and his eyes fluttered shut. Lavan's eyes closed a millisecond after Eric's. He didn't want to ruin the moment; besides, staring was rude.

Lavan tried to take it slow. Somehow he knew this was Eric's first time. 'Didn't he and the Bitch ever kiss?' Then something occurred to him, 'she was probably playing hard-to-get, never letting him get to kiss her. Cruel.'

He tried to take it slow, but Eric's lips parted in another moan, and Lavan was unable to restrain himself any longer, and slipped his tongue in, and plunged in to all of the deep crevices, tasting Eric, but trying to make it easy on the smaller boy. Slowly Eric built up courage, timidly reaching up to caress Lavan's tongue with his own, moaning and arching with pleasure as Lavan's tongue found a sensitive spot.

Lavan needed desperately to show Eric the depths of his love, and this was the only way he knew how to express it. Lavan gave Eric's arms one soothing rub, then cautiously let go of them, wordlessly showing Eric that he trusted him not to run, hoping that he wouldn't.

Eric fulfilled his hope, staying fixated to the bed, head between Lavan's own head and the headboard, even as one of Lavan's hands rose up to cup Eric's face, then wandered down, tracing Eric's jaw line, his neck, moving to is back, crushing Eric to meld against his own body. The other hand slid up, to the nape of Eric's neck, into his hair, running through it once, then running through again, stopping halfway through and staying fixated there.

Finally after a few long, pleasure-filled moments, Lavan reluctantly disengaged from Eric for air. He figured the other could use a breath, too. They both opened their eyes at the same time, but Lavan wasn't quite prepared for Eric's tear-filled green eyes and two whispered words, "Thank you," Eric murmured, as the tars brimmed over and Eric threw himself at the 18 year old, latching onto his shirt, burying his face into the older boy's clothed chest.

Lavan dipped his head, resting it on top of the other boy's head, where it fit perfectly. He started rubbing Eric's bag in small circles, and Eric's arms came around Lavan's ribs. Both boys sighed in contentment. Lavan felt like he could stay there forever. Eric, unwittingly thought the same.

"Lan?" came a soft, low voice from somewhere around his chest. "Hmm?" Lavan replied.
"C-can I call you that? I mean if you don't- Lavan cut in before Eric could start tormenting himself again. "I don't mind it at all. I like it," He murmured.

They lapsed into silence again- Lavan holding Eric and Eric cuddled against Lan- before Eric broke the silence.

"Lan?" He asked. "Yes?" Lan answered. "Thanks... Lan? I think I'm in love with you." Lavan smiled. "I love you too."

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Eric pulled away and gazed up at Lan from beneath thick, luxurious black eyelashes. Lan tilted Eric's head all the way up. He inclined his head again and pressed his lips to Eric's, who responded eagerly, caressing Lan's lips with his own this time, sliding his hands around Lan until one rested on Lan's waist, the other traveling up his back to run through Lan's hair repeatedly.

Lan was slightly bolder, hands roaming over Eric's torso, caressing arms, shoulders, between the shoulder-blades, chest, abdomen, anywhere that Lan's hand could go on Eric's torso, they went, finally stopping to rest at the small of Eric's back, a sensitive spot. They remained in the embrace for a long, long time, lips still locked, though going no farther than caressing the other's lips, eyes gazing into each others, a tableau of love, pure and simple.


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