Yay...Alex: I'm saving you the trouble of analyzing the title. "Song" refers to the meter, which, when uniform, makes music easier to conduct/sing/etc. Now, think about what a dying pessimist would like to hear: that the world hasn't improved. That's basically the theme. Still...feel free to rant. All you want. ^_^

Song for the Dying Pessimist

Dull Spartan values dominate our lives,
without it we would not play at these games
the children love so much, that they would die
to see it through what troubles Hell could flame.

For all their witty praises, we still sink
within the lonely chamber of deceit.
When vacant minds can only stare, not think
the present comes to claim its full receipt.

The end is nearly here to kill its means -
salute your freedom; calculate your grave.
Fermented grapes would sell for more, like genes,
if not for treaties neurons once did pave.

Though young and old have started to make friends,
We're yet to see the future make amends.

Queen of Jupiter: I know the stanzas aren't supposed to be separated like this, but it makes it so much easier to read. Everyone else, enjoy, and feel free to leave a review! ~EG [lemon chip cookies, anyone?]