By:Andrew Troy Keller

Once there was a prophecy,
Which has told of an evil monarchy
Who had came to conquer those who dare answer the call
To battle and make slaves of us all
In the name of their sinister monarchy.

However,it has also told of a true warrior
Who had came to rose up against the evil power
And drove it back to where they had came--
Back to where they now live in shame,
For she had held a blade such mighty power.

Even though she was one of such beauty,
She was easily sickened by the evil power's cruelty
Towards each and every one
Of our people and realized that something must be done
To save us all from such brutality.

And so,while down to us on her faithful steed,
She had drew out her mighty blade,for she had heed
The call to battle.And after she had reached the core
Of our city,she had let out a mighty roar
And slashed away those who dare try to remove her from her steed.

Then after she had freed us all from such brutality,
She had rode onward to face the dreaded monarchy.
After she had stormed into the castle and gotten off of her steed,
The evil king had gotten down on his knees and started to plead
For mercy.

But instead of granting the barbaric emperor,
She had slashed him with her mighty blade until he was no more.
At last,our queen had returned.