She Cried Last Night

She cried last night, I saw her. Her head was stuffed into the pillows, muffling her sobs. I wondered what was wrong, why she felt to express her despair in the secrecy of the night. I dunno. I'm just a kid.

She cried last night, her body shaking uncontrollably. I got scared. Maybe a monster stuck venom inside her or something. I ran to help, but all she did was stare at me with those sad, red eyes, and then pushed me away.

She cried last night, and finally when I felt like crying too, I asked her what was wrong. She said she didn't feel like life was cutting it for her anymore. I dunno what she meant, but I just nodded 'cause it seemed to make her feel better. Then she hugged me, and said, "I love you, honey. You know mama loves you right?". I just nodded again and smiled. I figured if she was doing girly things again, maybe she was cured.

She cried last night, and after I left she stopped. I grinned to myself, glad that she was happy again. I heard her going to the bathroom and turning on the faucet. I guess it's a grown-up thing to wash your face every time you cry. Maybe they think it wipes away all those problem germs or something. Then I heard clattering. But I didn't think it was anything, she was always a klutz. But I shouldn't pay attention to that..she's gonna get mad if I'm not asleep soon..

She died last night. The doctor said something about sleeping pills, and grandma said that "her heart was encased in a box full of sorrows, until they finally came to claim her". I didn't understand them. I think they're wrong though. They're so silly. She's gone because she was sad. She'll be back though right? When she starts to feel better again?

My grandma looks at me funny, like that one time when my goldfish, Lenny, went to Fish Heaven down our toilet. Then I know why.

Mama won't be crying tonight.