"we are of
carbon, like the
earth- like
the sea"

this is what he said with his eutrophic
eye, which(was blue
and unafraid-)

and the structure
of carbon was drawn
on the back of his hand.
there is no arguing
with chemistry- it
lives in the dark closet of its
making, it shies and dusts
the sun. it is a fern primordial, at the forest floor-

he lives by the sea. in the sea.

but oh, the hydrogen of the
stars, impervious clandestine
hydrogen, it lolls on his tongue,
it is the sea water on
his hair-

if(there were water
in his hair; or snow)

clambered down the scale.
lay at the bottom
of the sea-

and the stars
are impervious too. they have

situated that way and the thing
about carbon is that it
is not afraid

and(do not be afraid ever
because you and the stars
are the same)

and unafraid, in the
winter. in the snow