matt in the snow

I slept in the snow
and thought it was
something like
being warm, in the snow,
and the sky was all
across, a great bulge
of muscle like
in the neck of a horse

and I heard his voice
it was light and could
have been the sky,
which was cold and
a perihelion
of artic polarity
the snow

was (an id underneath my
hair, fallen in
the snow and in
the sky when it
was cold, and fell it was
descending the attic
of superego-)

and there suddenly
his eyes were blue.

(they were like oceans that horses
fly across, their necks
bulging and working under the dark
of their eyes)

and it was dark and there
were candles in the windows
and everything was
a candle, except his
eyes, which were blue,
and the sky

which was
green and
filled with snow-

I want to lay with him in the snow