yes, you heard me

I'd like to masturbate in the back of a car someday

In secrecy

the kind where it's especially fun to do

while someone is driving


No sounds please

I'd love to masturbate


it's on my "To-Do" List

not my priority though

I must admit

Socially unacceptable to talk about

A taboo we've created

Although the rest of the world

doesn't have a problem with


Oops, I slipped again

another taboo that is unmentionable

You poor people

you must all be having heart attacks

or at least I hope

I made your heart skip a beat or two

Because I'd like to skip a beat or two

of your rules

your regulations that just don't make sense

They only make sense to those who are afraid of

And oh no, don't let girls talk about





oh my...

where did that come from?

Just a little frustration

long over-due to be shouted

noticed in my 'damned' heart

I'm on my way to Hell

I think this is my que to 'Thank God'

Trust me

I've thanked him many times for

giving me the brains and the tongue

to speak the things we were specifically told

Not to talk about

We were prepped at birth

Or at least,

that's my theory why we don't talk about sex

and girls aren't allowed to talk about being horny

but the guys can talk all they want about their latest


I'd like to get laid

Oops, I did it again

Let's just hope that there aren't more of me out there

What ever would the world do?