I'll always love you

I always told you that I love you,

And you always smile and thought,

That I was cute and sweet to say that,

Yet you sometimes flirt around me,

Just to make me blush or nervous,

And you would laugh and tease me.
I do not know what's your feelings towards me are,

For I'm confused with my own feelings too,

But I love it when you hold me lovingly,

For I felt safe and also feels right at the same time.
We knew that we sometimes don't act,

As best friends but we somehow felt,

So comfortable with our weird friendship,

And sometimes I just want us to be,

More than just friends...could it be possible?
One time you stayed at my place,

We have fun and enjoyed ourselves,

Before we went to sleep,

I heard you said goodnight and kissed me,

Softly at my cheek and hold me.
I knew I felt loved in me,

Because I slowly leaned towards you,

And kissed you softly on your lips,

Instead of kissing you on your cheek,

Like I always do before.
I waited for your reaction,

But I felt you bringing your body,

Closer to mine and finally I knew,

That you felt the same way too,

As you kissed me gently on my lips,

I put my arms around your waist,

And brought you closer to me,

And finally we drifted off to sleep.
Morning has arrived - I woke,

I stare at you for you are still asleep,

And smiled while looking at your innocent face,

I softly caressed your cheek and your hair,

You finally woke up and saw me staring at you.
You ask me a question,

Asking why I was smiling,

Then I smiled softly to you,

And lower my head to place,

A gentle kiss on your forehead,

And answered you with love,

"I love you and I always will".