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Criminal Justice: Thieves and Hackers and Crazy People, Oh My!

Slowly a dark blue For Mustang drove into a parking place by the Riverdale National Bank. Inside a middle-aged lady seemed to be putting on her makeup getting ready to deposit some money but don't let looks fool you. Really, it was young woman around the age of 21 named Tsunami Rodriguez who was just about to rob the bank. You see this day was the D- day or as most people call it Doomsday for the banks. About every criminal there is would try to rob a bank successfully.

Tsunami was sure she would be one of the ones that would succeed for she was one of the stealthiest, most clever, and trickiest robbers around. But what she didn't know was that she was expected. Every bank this year heightened their security to maximum not wanting to be taken by surprise and lose everything they got. So when Tsunami entered the bank, she was going to get the biggest surprise of her life.


"You ready to do this, Mae?" Maria Williams asked her younger sister. Mae looked up from her computer out of her thick, square-framed glasses.

"Yes, Maria," Mae said with a sigh to her the much prettier sister.

"Lets just go over the plain one more time just to be careful! Okay?" Maria said nervously. Maria was extremely nervous because she really wanted to make this come through so she could laugh in all of her friends' faces who said she couldn't pull through and become master robbers like them.

"Maria, it's really simple. I hack into their computers and find the code to get into their master vault, you hold up your gun and tell them to move out of our way, I'll open the vault, and then we take the money and go. It's not hard at all!" Mae told her sister exasperated.

"But what if something goes wrong? What will we do then, Mae?"

"Maria, I'm not a genius for nothing! If something goes, which I assure won't, I can think of a last minute plan! Now please will you shut the hell up?" Mae was really getting annoyed with her sister. 'All looks but no brains or skills!' Mae thought.

"Fine! You don't have to be such a bitch, Mae! Okay, It's time to go in!" Maria said taking a deep breath. 'I'm going to need a pack of smokes when we get back!' Mae thought and with that she followed her sister out of their car and into the bank.


"Now everybody remember! First Aya enters the bank and starts talking to the security gueard. Then, me and Lara enter in a casual manner acting as a couple who want to open a bank account while Aya leads the guard off somewhere. After this happens, Rob will burst in with a mask over his face and the clerk will be so preoccupied with Rob who will have a gun, she will not notice me and Lara taking the money! Got it?" Steve told the group of thieves.

Aya took her smooke out of her mouth and drawled, "Of course we got it! You've just gone over it a million times!"

"I'm sorry, your highness, but if anything goes wrong, we will be in jail!" Steve retorted.

"And that also went for all the other banks and don't you pull that everbodywill think we're horrible thieves crap! I'm just abou sick of you, Steve!" Aya said giving a glare at the man who she believed was a sissy boy and a wimp who had about no backbone. Steve growled and brought up his fists. "Bring it on boy!" Aya smirked while saying this and also brought up her fists.

Seeing a fight was starting, Rob quickly interfered, "Come on guys! This isn't helping any of us!"

"Yeah and if one of you gets eriously hurt, you'll have to be rushed ot a hospital and then we can't go thorugh with the plan! Think of the money!" Lara said not wanting to lose a penny.

"Fine! As long as he shuts the hell up!" Aya said getting a glare from Steve.


Electra smiled! Today was going to be so much fun! At that place with all the loud music, some peoples were talking about how exciting it was to take money froma bank! And Electra of course wanted to try it!

I mean whats the harm in borrowing a few million bucks?


Tsunami flicked the fake, greying blonde hair out of her face. Tsunami looked around. The only security guard was some fat dud who seemed to pose no threat! This was going to be like taking candy from a baby! As for as she knew.

"I would like to deosit some money, sugah!" Tsunami said giving a fake smile to the clerk who smiled back.

"How much are you going to deposit?" the clerk asked looking at Tsunami.

Tsunami's face features darkened and she pulled out her gun saying, "Sugah, I'm depositing all your money but not at this bank! Put all your money in these bags and no one gets hurt, dawlin!"

The clerk smirked and pulled out his own gun while the other people in the lobby also took out a firearm. "I think you are mistakened, Miss Rodriguez! You are not the one giving orders!"

Tsunami's face filled with fright and she raced to the doors but she was stopped before she even came a five feet to the door.

The clerk pulled out a police badge and said, "I place you under arrest, Tsunami Rodriguez, for mass thievery! Your crime days are over!"

"Damnit! They were expecting me!" Tsunami exclaimed and then she added, "You must think you are so big and tough now, don't you Mr. Police Officer! Let me tell you! It is only the beginning! I have family ties an when they here of my arrest, they'll come to get back at you and believe me, you will regret this day!" So screaming and yelling went one of the greatest thieves of our time being dragged by the collar of her shirt while she screamed curses about god damned police officers!


Maria was sweating heavily. Unlike Mae, she had never been in a major thievery. Mae had done this type of thing a good many times because she thought maybe people would think higher ofher and not of her as just some geeky nerd.

Mae looked over at her sister and shook her head. Maria was goig to get them caught.

"I got it!" Mae exclaimed.

"Got what?" Maria asked while she paced back and forth.

"Got what? I got the code to the vault. I told you I was working on this ten minutes ago. And stop pacing!" Mae snapped.


"Okay, we are now ready. Just keep your cool and everything will be fine! Nothing will go wrong!" Mae said really just wanting to get this job done because her older sister was giving her a huge headache.\

"Good luck!" Maria said and took a deep breath while entering through the sliding front doors.

"Whatever!" Mae said while glaring at her sister.

"Everybody this a cold... I mean a hold-up!" Maria yelled nervously. "Do something and you won't get... I mean you will get hurt! Mae just do whatever you have to do fast!"

"Idiot," Mae sneered and she got to the vault and quickly put in the combination and the safe was open. Mae started loading all the money into her bag when she heaard a "BANG!" Mae quickly turned around and saw her air-headed sister had shot herself in the toe.

And now Maria was wounded and that wasn't even the worst of it. Someone heard the shot and called the police and soon police were crawling all around the bank in less then five minutes giving Mae and Maria to escape.

"I hate my sister!" was all Mae screamed as she was led into the police car.


Aya had on her most seductive outfit on and she swung her hips as she entered the bank. But as soo as she entered, she saw a major glitch in her team's plan.

One, there was more then one guard. Two, they were all females.

But before she could warn the rest of the team, Steve and Lara entered and Aya instantly knew this was going to be a disaster for them all.

"Everybody stick your hands' up!" a voice called out and Aya saw Rob was already there. 'Just keep your cool Aya and noone will suspect that you are trying to rob the bank!' Aya thought to herself.

But this just wasn't Aya's lucky day.

Lara and Steve seeing everything was going wrong lost it and ran while grabbing Aya and yelling,"Let's get out of here!" She knew they wouldn't be able to get out in time and soon the guards were on them like dogs and also on Rob.

So Aya did the only thing she knew to do. She brought out her guns.

Lady Luck was looking over someone else that day and Aya soon saw that she was outnumbered with artillery.

'Great! I'm going to the slammer!' Aya thought.


Electra jumped into the bank and screamed, "Hooley! Hooley!" This shocked everybody including the guard who then accidently shot his gun into the vault's lock which opened it making it easy for Electra to get the money inside. Electra remembering she was supposed to take the money, made her way to the vault skipping while the guard shot at her and Electra in all her craziness and innocecnce somehow managaed to dodge them all.

So grabbing as much money as she could in her hands skipped out of the bank dropoping dollar bills on her way. She got to her bike but before she was even a mile away, she got stopped by the police.

But somehow she had gotten the farthest of all the criminals this day that we know about.

Fate sure has a weird way of playing itself out!

~*~*~*~A week later~*~*~

Tsunami wore a nasty frown on her pretty face. She had long gotten out of her disguise after being placed in jail. She now looked like the 21- year-old that she was. Yep her mid-back length, light blue hair framed her peach face, her bright blue eyes were wide looking innocent making people wonder if she was really a criminal, and now she was at her short height of 4'11". Yes I know you are probably wondering why her hair is light blue. I know most normal people don't have light blue hair but Tsunami was definitely not normal. Her hair had been dyed light-blue since she was five-years-old.

They were taking her someplace but she was amazed of what she saw.

A whole room full of clothes and she was sure she saw some makeup, jewelry, and hair accessories in the one corner! She squealed in delight but then looked up at the guard in confusion.

"Change quickly and pick something nice. You are going to a meeting," the guard said monotone before leaving Tsunami shrugged and looked aaround just glad to be able to get out of the black and white striped clothes she was wearing currently.

A few minutes later, she was wearing a light blue shirt that stopped right below her chest and the sleeves went ot her elbows, a long, loose, dark blue skirt that went to her ankles and had a pattern of roses done in light blue, and light blue high-heels. She had silver eye shadow on with a smidgen of bubblegum pink lipstick on her lips, her hair was done into two neat buns, and she had silver studs in her ears.

Roughly, she was grabbed by the guard and oce again she was not smliing. She was brought into a room with no windows and long conference table that had chairs all around it. There was three other young women there, too, and other then one who was for some reason grinnig like a madman, the other didn't look too happy to be there either. The one grinning had bright yellow hair with electric green streaks that was put in a wild ponytail and she was wearing an assortment of missmatched clothing. The one standing by her had short black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and she was wearing a tight black shirt, tight white jeans wih black stripes on them, black high heels, a black choker, and dark red lipstick. The last one had really, really, long brown hair, green eyes, really, really, pale skin and she was wearing a green checked, long-sleeve whirt with a red vest, plaid pants, and really nerdy, thick, square-framed glasses.

The man at head of the table began to talk saying, "Now I bet you all are wondering why the hell you are here! Well, you see, you are going to have to save the room from an evil mad scientist..."

To Be Continued...