Melting Dreams


I'm scared of screwing up my life

I can feel it slipping away

Tried holding onto dreams

But oh how they slip away

Like sand through an hourglass

My time is running out

Soon I'll be alone

By myself without a hope

With all my cares

I don't want to become

Another lonely soul

In this empty world

Trapped by myself

Without an escape

But I can't hold on

I can't save what I want

How do you hold onto air

When the air is your soul?

How do you keep your dreams alive

When all they do is melt away?

I'll try my best

To keep my world alive

But when my walls close in

And it all crumbles at my feet

How will I save myself?

Keep my will to survive?

I don't want to become

Another face in the crowd

Another no one

No one.

I scramble around

Try to pick up my pieces

They scatter too far

To far from me

Can't seem to see in time

Can't catch what flies

Too high

Dreams on the horizon

Running to catch

Dissolve with the rain

Never a reality

Save yourself

Save your world

Mine is doomed

Hold tight to those dreams

That eluded me this life

I'll be back

I'll try harder next time

Empty words

Never to happen

I'll promise it now

Break it later

Save me

Save my world

Save my melting dreams