An Ode to Friendship

A friend is always there for you, through the thick and thin. A friend will stand beside you, whether you lose or win.

A friend will never judge you, or try to put you down, A friend is someone who you always like to have around.

I've been through life with many friends, but none as true as you, You're kind and sweet and caring, and stick by me through and through.

There are times in life when things get low, and you need a helping hand, There are times when you feel weak, and don't think you can stand.

But you are always there for me, and catch me when I fall, You always have an open ear, and listen when I call.

The things in life most precious, are the things we cannot say, We can't form words of gratitude, so we show it everyday.

I can't express in words what our friendship means to me, It's deep and strong, and will go on; it could stretch across the sea.

I may not say it near enough, but I mean it always I hope that we will remain friends, until the end of days.

And I hope that in the future, I can have more friends like you, Friends who care above all else, and are kind, and smart and true.

I feel honoured just to know you, and even more to call you friend, My greatest fear's to lose you, or to have our friendship end.

Life is full of low points, but with you they're never near, You always bring me happiness, always bring me cheer.

And if someone ever asks me to describe a friend so true, I'll tell them the answer's simple; I'll tell them that it's you.