Author's Note: The story that I have posted I've been working on since late August. I wasn't going to post it until one of my friends, who have been reading it, told me to. And after much convincing for her, I finally am. I've already written 6 chapters, but I'm not going to post them all at once. Just to warn you know I have this little problem called writer's block. It comes and goes at it pleases and I have no control over it, so bare with me when I don't update as fast as I should.

Also I'd like to dedicate this story to two of my friends, Nora and Tasha for reading the story, being my editors, and for inspiring me to write the story itself. Thank you so very much.


The nursemaid had only stepped out of the nursery when the balcony door opened. A man in a black, hooded cloak entered. He moved swiftly through the room to the sleeping child's crib. He glanced down and saw the sleeping babe. He thought about killing the child, but thought it too risky. Instead he was going to take the child and send it far away to a place no one would think of looking for her. Reaching down for the child, he noticed he would have to make some changes in the child's appearance. She looked too much like her mother, with the shimmering golden locks, the shinning blue eyes that were now staring up at him, and the strange birthmark upon her back. He carefully removed a life like doll from his cloak and covered it up. Looking back down at the child, he saw it was back asleep in his arms. Taking the child, he moved swiftly out the door, shutting it without a sound. He climbed down the trellis with the greatest of ease. Running through the shadows, he looked for the nearest exit.

Meanwhile, the nursemaid was walking down the long corridor to the nursery. Holding a cup of tea in her hand, she moved quietly down the hall, so not to wake any of the sleeping residents. She entered the room, making sure not to wake the child. She glanced in at what she thought was the child and noticed she was still asleep. She settled back down in her chair and drank her tea.

The man in the hooded cloak had exited the compound and was now on horseback speeding through the night. He had given the babe something so she would sleep soundly on their long journey. Over the course of the next few weeks, the two would stop only when fatigue and hunger were setting in. He had a destination and needed to get there before anyone found him with the child.

Two hours later, the nursemaid checked on what she thought was the sleeping child again. As she glanced in, she noticed the babe had not moved. She sensed something was wrong, fore the child never stayed still. She pulled back the covers and let out a blood-curling scream. She picked up the doll and dropped it as she ran out of room. Running down the hall, she screamed hoping to wake as many people up as possible. Stopping in front of two large doors, she hurriedly opened them, not waiting for the soldiers that stood guard to ask for her business.

The sleeping couple sat straight up in bed, looking quiet upset at being awakened in the middle of the night

"Your highnesses, the child, Princess Gwendolyn, she's been abducted." She yelled as she dropped to the ground out of breath.

"My baby!" Screamed Queen Carolyn.

"When did this happen?" Questioned King Dominic, eyeing suspiciously at the nursemaid.

"I only just realized she was missing. I don't know how long, your highness. She seemed to be there a few hours ago."

The king had thrown his robe and slippers on and was moving past the nursemaid, unable to register what had taken place in his palace. He almost ran down the hall to the child's room, to assure himself what he heard was true. Guards followed him and as they entered the room saw the nursemaid had been truthful, the child was indeed gone.

"Guard, go and rouse the Captain of the Guards and tell him Princess Gwendolyn has been abducted. Tell him I want this land scoured, until she is found. I want every infant checked that could be a possible match. GO NOW!" The king commanded.

The king walked back to his room to find his queen lying in a heap on their bed sobbing. He took her in his arms and held her tight.

"Everything is going to be fine. She'll be found. Hush now. We'll find her." He said trying to reassure her as well as himself.

"Dominic, I can't lose her. It took so long to have her. I want my baby." She sobbed.


Time passed slowly and the child still had not been found. The entire countryside had been scoured. All the infants that had fit the princess's deception had been checked, but none of them bore the birthmark of the princess. The queen was in a state of grief at not knowing weather or not her only child was safe. She remained in her room staring out the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of her precious child. But as night began to fall, so did the hope her child would ever return to her.

Meanwhile, several hundred miles away the princess was in the arms of her abductor in a quiet town. She slept soundly only recently been fed. The man had changed the girl's identity slightly, but could not remove or change her birthmark. He hoped no one in the town had heard of the strange mark that defined the princess from others. The hooded man had placed the child in a basket and was now looking for a place to leave the child so he could return to his home and continue on with his plan. Seeing a small home behind a shop with a light on, he decided that would be a good enough place than any. Climbing off his horse, he took the child to the place in which he intended to leave her. He moved swiftly and quietly to the door and left the child on the doorstep and knocked. Hoping someone was a wake, he moved away into the shadows and back to his horse. He galloped off not knowing the answer.

The door to the house opened. A woman in her early twenties was standing in front of the door, looked around. When she saw nothing and thought it was just one of the local children playing games, she began to shut the door. But when the babe in the basket began wailing, she quickly opened the door and looked down. She picked the basket up and took it inside. Picking the child up, she held the baby in her arms and cuddled her close. Her husband came down the stairs to see what all the commotion was about.

"Who was that at the door?"

"This child was left on our doorstep." The women told her husband, rocking the child in her arm.

"Well, we certainly can't keep her. What if her parents are looking for her?" He asked.

"Do you honestly think this child would be here if her parents wanted her?"

"You have a point. Fine, we'll keep the child until we find the parents or the parents find us." He replied looking down at the child in his wife's arm.

"Oh thank you. Just think the start to our new family."

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