The colors of lucidity slowly blend to one

As thoughts dwell on the past

When all that is known says what's done is done

Serenity will never last

What is it that attracts people to shadows?

Or what's lurking within them

We go to sleep and shut our windows

But they still seep to our souls at the hem

If darkness dwells at every corner

What comfort is there in trying to forget?

If the grave of shame makes one a mourner

For what must one pay debt?

Is a person truly guilty for desiring closure that does not exist?

No matter how hard they try

The unanswerable question is impossible to resist.

The only answer is to cry

If you spend all of your life wishing

For a reality that you will never find

Buried in a corner fishing

For a lost aspect of your mind

How is it that a dream can never fade away?

While reality loses tone

In the light of day

Where the sun once shone?

The answer is long, but yet unnaturally plain

Forget what harms you, yet resent evil that binds you

Do not attract malice; yet strive to end pain

Never lose hope, yet forget what nothing can ever do

Remember the light

Flowing through the rivers of plan

Search with all your might

Do everything you can

If that is all you do

And everything you desire

Your wishes can come true

And you will not live life as a liar.