Resistance Failed
Fuzzy Blue Owl
Written 12-13-02, uploaded 12-14-02.
It's a bit of a dramatic exaggeration of a relationship triangle going on. Names have been changed to protect dignity and honor, not to mention reality. Written in dialouge form 'cause i felt like it. My first piece of serious writing other than poetry.


"Tim, don't do this to me. Or Carrie."


"Be with her. She loves you."

"And you don't?"

"That's not the point. I-"

"You're not denying it. You *do* love me."

"She loved you first."


"She loves you more."

"Since when can you measure love?"

A sigh.

"Why are you so adamantly refusing me?"

"Well..." Another sigh.


"I don't want to come between you and her."


"I would be stealing you from her... she's loved you since forever..."

"Time means nothing."

"*She* would think i was stealing you from her."

"What about *your* feelings?"

"Not important..."

"Why do you always demean yourself like this? Lari, you're worth as much as Carrie."

"I don't want to cause someone pain."


"She loves you."

"Yes, I know."

"You love her."

"Very much, yes."

"So what's the problem?"

"I love y-"

A hand, gently closed over his mouth. "Don't say that..."

"Just because it isn't spoken doesn't mean it isn't true."

"Please, Tim, just take her. I fully support you two. You're adorable together. Everyone says so."

"Who cares what everone says?"

"Apparently, not you."

"...Do you really want me to just take her and leave you?"



A nod. "But... let's not be awkward around each other..."

"'Course not."

A small smile, a quick kiss on his cheek.

"I'm still not sure..."

Jokingly, "I'll tickle you until you promise to choose her."

She tackled him, giggling, pinning him to the ground, tickling him unmercifully. Laughing, he rolled her over to be on top and straddled her.

A sudden silence.

Slowly leaning down, lips brushing.

"Tim... no, we can't do this. We just can't.."

Another light touch, lip on soft lip.


Whispered, "Why not?



Whispered, "You're not trying to stop me..."

"Do you want me to?


"Tim, you have to choose."

"What if i chose you?"

"I won't let you."

"How is that a choice, then?"



Almost a whimper, "Tim, please..."

"I love you."



Eyes closed. A tear, slowly sliding down her cheek.

A kiss, to wiper away the tear.

"What's the real reason?"


"Lari, you have to tell me."

"I'm... I'm scared."

"Of me?"

"No!" A little laugh. "No..."

"Of what, then?"

"Of... of getting hurt..."

"I won't hurt you..."

"You'll hurt Carrie if you choose me."

"I'll hurt you if i choose her."

"No... I... I can take it."

"What, with a knife?"

"No! I'm... I'm used to it... and i don't want to bethe one to cause her pain... she's had enough."

"...And you haven't?"


"You've hurt more than she has."

"And when did you get a degree in Lariology, Dr. Tim?"

"Graduated last week. Got my Masters."

"Very funny."

"I rather thought it was."

Silence, then another brush of lip on lip.

"Don't... you're making it worse."

"Can't possibly get worse than having to choose between two beautiful women who you love and love you back."

"I'm not beautiful."

A laugh. "Think what you will."

"I'm not."

A sarcastic but kind nod. "Uh-huh."

A roll of her eyes.

Another kiss, deeper this time.

"Don't... Tim, stop..."

"Don't stop? Wasn't planning on it."

A much deeper kiss.

She couldn't resist anymore, and gave in. He smiled against her lips.

A long kiss.

He pulled away.

A soft whimper from her mouth.

"You love me."

An almost imperceptible nod.

A smile. "I love you."

Eyes shut, her head shaking.

"You can't stop someone from loving you."

Her head, shaking again. A whisper, "I can try..."

A small smile. "Not doing a very good job."

"Shhh..." A finger, laid over his lips.

A kiss to her finger, holding her hand steadily, then leaning down again.

A real kiss, deep and sweet.

Hands, dusting across her slightly bared waist.

A kiss on her collarbone.



"Why are you so adamant to pick me?"

"You need me more."

"That's hardly fair."

A whisper, so slight, hardly heard. "I love you more."

A slight smirk. "Since when can you measure love?"

"Since now..."

Then silence.

Another kiss, long, deep.

Her only resistance, failing quickly.


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