Pow! Crash! Bang! The noise came from my bathroom and woke me up. Yawning and rubbing my eyes, I checked my watch. It was 8:00. I had slept in. I walked to the bathroom to see what the noise had been. I was horrified when I saw that…

The whole shower had blown up! Oh no! How would I get clean without a shower?

Oh, I forgot. I could take a bath instead. The bathtub hadn't blown up. Never mind.

I wrote, "get somebody to fix shower" on my to-do list, noticing that it also said "prevent Venusians from blowing up Mars" on it. I crossed that off. I had done it yesterday. How could I have forgotten to cross that off? It was the most important thing I had done since three weeks ago.

Maybe you've noticed by now that I don't seem like an ordinary person. That's right, because I'm not an ordinary person. I am…

SUPER GIRL! The flying female wonder! Defender of – um – oh rats. I forgot that part. For a superhero I really forget too much.

Anyway, I was looking at my to-do list when I heard the noise again. Pow! Crash! Bang! This time it was coming from the kitchen. I ran to the kitchen but was too late to see anything except a blown up refrigerator and someone landing outside of the newly broken window and running away too fast for me to see who it was. An ordinary person would be powerless to do anything more about this situation, but as I said before, I am no ordinary person. After quickly writing, "buy new fridge and groceries" on my to-do list, I took a super giant leap out the window and literally flew down the sidewalk after the culprit, who was still running.

After chasing him (or her – I didn't quite know who it was yet because he or she was running so fast) for a while, I started to get confused. At this speed of flying I could easily catch up with an ordinary person running this far ahead of me in about 85 seconds. But I had been chasing this guy (or girl) for more than five minutes and I was still only catching up to them very slowly. Then I realised what this meant –

I was not chasing an ordinary person! Only a superhero, or supervillain, could run this fast. Probably a supervillain, if they were blowing up my stuff. And there was only one supervillain who could run almost as fast as I could fly – Malevolent Mitch, my archenemy!

Oh well. At least I was a little bit faster than he was. I would catch up to him eventually and then I could just paralyse him by staring into his face really hard (that's one of my super powers), and then call the cops. It would be easy. In fact, it would be too easy. I didn't stop to think what that could mean.

I had almost got Malevolent Mitch when he suddenly turned a corner into a small alleyway. That, in itself, was no problem. I can turn on a dime while I'm flying and this was a lot bigger than a dime. But as soon as I turned the corner, a cage crashed down around me. Of course, I thought. It was a trap! I should have guessed!

Malevolent Mitch turned to face me. So did Blatant Ben, my other archenemy, and about 50 other people I had never seen before who looked like overgrown football players with serious dental problems. They were holding various kinds of knives, clubs, and other weapons. I started to get scared. I have many super powers, but none of them are much help in combat – especially if I'm in a tiny cage and can't move very much.

They started walking towards me, slowly and menacingly. I got really scared. I couldn't paralyse them because they were all wearing ski masks and I couldn't see their faces. Then I noticed there was a guy way at the back of the alleyway working at a control panel. Could it be? Yes, it was – my grade 6 teacher! I had no idea he was in league with the supervillains! I stared into his face as hard as I could. His hand stopped just above a button. The 50 people holding weapons all stopped too. I had guessed right. They were just Malevolent Mitch and Blatant Ben's robots.

I would have paralysed Malevolent Mitch and Blatant Ben but Malevolent Mitch grabbed one of the robots' ski masks and put it on. Blatant Ben didn't need a ski mask because one of his super powers is that he is immune to other people's super powers.
"You're pretty smart for a girl," said Blatant Ben, "But we can still hold you hostage without them, you know."

"Mfl rmf dllf wlf d", added Malevolent Mitch, who had his ski mask on backwards.

"Oh, is that why you trapped me," I said, trying to not sound scared.

"Mz gllb," said Malevolent Mitch. "Llld drmfr rzt."

"Put your ski mask on right you stupid idiot," Blatant Ben told him.

Malevolent Mitch finally figured out the right way to turn it and pulled the eye and mouth holes over his eyes and mouth. "That's better," said Malevolent Mitch. "Now I was just saying that - "

"Shut up," snapped Blatant Ben. "Don't tell her that yet. We have work to do." He pulled a video camera out of his pocket and pointed it at me. "This is Super Girl," he narrated. "She has temporarily lost her super powers," he lied.

"This is a poisoned knife," added Malevolent Mitch, stepping into view of the camera. "Unless you want it to end up inside her, let all the supervillains – every single one of them - out of jail by February 11, 2000." Blatant Ben turned off the camera.

All of a sudden, I understood their plan perfectly. The people in the government, whom Blatant Ben and Malevolent Mitch would undoubtedly send the video to, are all men for some reason, and they all have a crush on me. They would surely forget that, if they let the supervillains out of jail, more than one person would die, especially if they let Planet Busting Paula out of jail. She had been in jail for over 200 years, was rumoured to be immortal, and liked to think of new ways to destroy the earth and try to carry them out.

There was only one thing I could do.

I sang out a long, high note. A note that every police department in the province would hear and understand. A note that was the only thing that could save me and possibly the world The Super Girl Distress Call. The air around me vibrated. Blatant Ben's glasses shattered. I kept singing until I was out of breath.

"What was that?" asked Malevolent Mitch.

"What was what?" asked Blatant Ben. His immunity to other people's super powers made him not hear my distress call at all. "And why are my glasses broken?"

No one was able to answer him, because just then a helicopter came flying down. It landed in the alleyway and a lot of police officers jumped out, including my boyfriend Lieutenant Q. "You're under arrest!" they shouted at Blatant Ben and Malevolent Mitch. But they didn't have time to say anything else, because just then Blatant Ben did his narwhal impression. "Ow! Ow! My ears!" said the police officers. They all ran back into the helicopter. But the narwhal noise also shattered the bars of my cage, so I managed to jump on the video camera until it was broken and scramble into the helicopter too before the police officers closed the door.

"You haven't seen the last of me!" yelled Blatant Ben after us.

"Mm ngdrrf" yelled Malevolent Mitch, who had somehow managed to twist his ski mask until it was backwards again.

I would tell you about my epic battle with Blatant Ben and Malevolent Mitch, and how Malevolent Mitch blew up the rest of my house before the police could drag him to jail, but that was okay because I married Lieutenant Q. and moved into his house instead, and how Blatant Ben almost killed my cat with his narwhal impression, but that all happened the next day. And you only asked me for one day in the life of a superhero, so I guess that means that this is
The End.