Four days, four different kinds of depression. I need to utilize my time better.

Tuesday to Friday

This time around,
she said:

Will be better today,
yesterday promised me so.
No acids to avoid,
no basics to cover.

Free and revolving -
revolver to a temple,
my temple to yours,
your elbow to to the wall,
our hearts separated by time.

Test passed,
teacher said:

Exceeded expectations,
genius confirmed.
A week lost
to the griping jaws of delirium.

Won two to zero
on aggregate.
The gates opened,
the game closed to all,
all who breathe and die.

Freak accident,
we said:

So sad, so bad -
it had to happen to you.
Tomorrow will be better,
just wait.

Piano keys,
the teacher's keys
to enlightenment -
no such thing,
according to your God.

I said:

All the world turns away,
secures an eon
in which to drown.

Footnotes for the blind,
blindly covering the pages
of your book.
You booked a flight
to my heaven.

Corruption reigns.

Oh, boy. It would be too much to hope for comments on this.