Look at my veins
Watch my skin,
I feel the bad blood
Boiling within,
Just an illusion,
I do not bleed red,
I just bleed black.

Because of the pain you made me take
And the many times you put my life at stake
For the many times I laid on the edge
To love I no longer pledge
Because of all those times you laughed at me
For the times I used to feed with only tasteless tea

Because of those
The heart is no longer here
I made a deal with the devil
Sold my soul again and again
Nothing but metal and wires
Not a human been
It was time to trade in

You cannot touch me anymore
Now it's dead and gone
The soul lies in here
But it's MINE
You've lost your time
I've lost my minds
But it's just fine
I'm untouchable for you
I've caged myself in this body
No need for you not for anybody
You took the skin
The beauty within
But my soul is not to be YOURS !

I'm Indestructible if I really want to
I DO NOT belong to you
I'm a living moving breathing machine
But that's just for you
This is me , you see
But the soul only belongs to me ....