Its like wow|

Every kid had a talent, a future. That's what the head of Hullbury High said. But then again, it had been more than a few years since she'd been a kid, so her idea of "fun" was to sit quietly and knit.

Yet Kitty still clung to the fact that maybe, deep down beneath her shell of geekishness was a beautiful butterfly that smiled and flirted with all the guys, laughed and gossiped with the girls. Like Melanie.

Kitty had probably only spoken to Melanie once in her whole time at Hullbury. It had been when Kitty was rushing to her daily Chess club, her bags and papers flapping around as she tried to get half way across the grounds in 22 seconds, and she'd bumped into Mel with a sickening crack. Kitty's papers had spiralled around in the wind like autumn leaves, but worst of all one of Melanie's nails had been bent right back and blood was leaking out onto her school bag.

Yet, considering the big and endless gap between them in the social chain; Melanie had been Okay about it. Kitty had mumbled a sorry and that was it. No fuss made; the worse that had happened was that Kitty dropped from the Chess Team. That was nothing compared to the fact that from that moment Kitty had been able to say she had spoken to Melanie. Melanie Corset.

Kitty was what the others kids called a "freak". She may have gotten away with geek, but she was in the bottom set for everything they could be set for. Kitty didn't mind. In fact, she half agreed with them. Countless days she just wished to find her talent; that Ms Johnson insisted everyone had.

You see: Pranks were played on Kitty. Once someone had hidden her P.E shorts. However, trusting to Kitty's luck, Ms Kay had forced her to run with a jumper tucked around her waist on the Hockey field. Another time Kitty's books had been mysteriously replaced with porn mags and were found soon after by one of the teachers. People would hit Kitty on the head with Dictionary's until she admitted that she was a retard. Yet Kitty took all this torture with a smile. She forced herself to believe that no matter how hopeless each day seemed, one day she'd discover a talent. A talent so good that all the others would be shocked.

It was a typical Thursday for Kitty. It was near the end of English and Josh and his gang were doing their usual routine. One of them would ask Kitty out, then the others would pretend to have a go at him for stealing their girl. In the end Kitty got so fed up that she went over and kissed Josh right on the lips and said: "Hey babe, I'll make it up to you later." Of course she knew the rebound of her action would sting like salt on a wound, but she didn't care.

The ripple effect started by the whole class just staring numbly at Kitty and Josh. Kitty just wished that she had a pin to burst the silence, but then a single mocking laughter echoed through the quiet.

Kitty just glared at them all. It wasn't often she got so mad; but today she was fuming.

Kitty could see solutions to this humiliation flicker across Josh's pink face. In the end, he scrubbed hastily on his cheek and pretended he had rabies or something. Kitty sighed. She knew it'd be over soon; tomorrow they'd discover some new torture to prod her life with, but for now she'd have to cope.

The class gushed out into the hallway and Kitty was swept away into the hustle of the end of the day. English was on the top floor so all Kitty had to concentrate on was jumping down the stairs as quick as she could. Josh's gang had other ideas, however. It was Barry who first grabbed Kitty's bag, yanking her back up the stairs and shoving her against the big glass window overlooking the school.

"You think you're funny? Hey? Hey? Kissing other girls guys? Well, wait 'til Mel finds out." Kitty was about to mumble an apology when Simon kicked her and grabbed her mouth in between his thumb and forefinger.

"Oooh! Kissy, kissy! Watch out Barry; don't insult Kitty: she might give you a smoochey!" Kitty desperately clawed at Barry and Simon's arms, but they had her pinned firmly against the glass.

For a second their heads turned as the rest of the classes poured out. Of course, in the time it took them to get out and onto the stairs, they had already heard. Among them was Melanie. "Oooh! Catfight! Catfight!" The boys finally loosened their grip to leave a circle in the slim space big enough for Melanie to glide through and face Kitty. A single tear slithered down Kitty's face and splashed silently onto the floor.

The next few moments went in agonisingly slow motion. Melanie raised her hand to slap Kitty when the crowd pushed in from all sides, screeching and cat calling, yelling and hollering, shoving and prodding. All it took was a few seconds. Melanie's slap gave Kitty the final push she needed. The window cracked. However, amongst all the noise no-one heard. So the window splintered. It was too late by the time the heart stopping noise reached everyone. Kitty felt her back slamming down, down. The world spun crazily above her. She turned to see the grey concrete reeling her in. She pulled her lids over her eyes and opened her mouth to scream. However by the time the sound reached the air around her, her body had packed itself into the ground. Concrete smashed. A few kids sped down the stairs and flew out the doors to see Kitty's body buried in a mixture of concrete and glass splinters with her blood seeping out from underneath and decorating the whole scene. One brave soul raced over to feel her pulse. But both Kitty's wrists had been lost among the mixed ruins of her body. A Grey lump coated by white bone shaped like jigsaw pieces, stuck out near the top of the bloody mess. Kitty Lineal was no more. Or so it appeared.