Kitty studied her reflection critically in the elaborate mirror. She reached her hand up to tug her hair- yet surprisingly found it glided through her golden brown curls efforlessly. Her eyebrows furrowed as she spread her hand out infront of her; unable to conprehend that the elegant, manicured fingers belonged to her.

"Well techniquely Melissa. They're Melissa Hampton's hands now," She half smiled to herself. She spun round and watched amazed at how her Hullberry High's checked skirt flared out stylishly; flashing her new slim-lined thighs. She'd never been allowed a skirt shorter then an inch above her knee. Something the other kids, espeacilly the guys, loved to pick up on. Truth was she'd tried rolling it up once; but her dad had grunted and growled at her for being a whore, then started on a long rant about how it was a slippery slope to becoming a prostitute (a sly dig at her mother, Kitty couldn't help notice). Kitty'd ran upstairs and rolled it down, if only to avoid him getting in one his 'moods'.

Now she could wear it as short as she liked. Well, Melissa could.

"Ready yet?" Opal asked softly from outside the pink changing room curtain. Kitty smoothed down her blouse, straightened her tie and flashed herself a quick pout before replying, "Almost".

Staring intensly at herself; Kitty couldn't help feeling something was missing. She'd perfected everything she could remeber of what she'd hated of her last body. Oh it wasnt like she'd ever been too unhappy; just behind. Kitty had been what her dad described as 'straight as a runner bean'. Except he was just being affectionate. Truth was Kitty barely measured just over 5ft giving her a stunted look- like she was overdue about 10 growth sperts.

Then it hit her. Smiling proudly to herself, she concerntrated on her bottom lip, just like she had with the rest of her body. A shiny stud popped out and she grinned. She had always wished for something speacil, something slightly different about herself, but with her dad barely even letting her have her ears pierced- it'd never been anything more but a wish.

"Done," beamed Kitty. Hands clasped, cheeks flushed as she stepped out to meet Opal. A vauge smile flickered accross Opal's face, before she reached out to grab Kittys hand with her own soft palm.

"Great. Now you sure you don't want to just stay here? Thursday's night is scrabble night, it can get quite competitive what with Julius's current winning streak, but I swear its a good atmosphere and all," Kitty blinked, not quite sure if Opal was serious. "Oh dont look so worried! I'm only kidding my dear. But still are you sure you wouldn't like to reconsider where you're going back to? Remember, the possibilities are positively endles..."

"Quite sure. Huckleberry High, Melanie Corset's cousin." Kitty said without hesitation.

"And you do relise its important not to reveal yourself?" Kitty nodded, "You got your story straight?" Kitty paused for a second. Parents just divorced, staying with her cousin until her mum moved on down- she had a fake tear prepared just encase anyone probed too much. She nodded again, and Opal squeezed her shoulder. "Then thats all, we'll be on hand just in case you need us, Oh and Kitty-" Opal's tone had changed just slightly, a more softer note to it. "Have fun darling, you deserve it." Kitty's insides squirmed, buzzing like an army of butterflies had just woken up.

She followed Opal across the marble floor that she'd been greeted on. From there she could just make out the tops of the purple ladder she's first arrived from. Opal gave her one last hug and pointed her down in the ladder's directions.

This was it. Kitty couldn't grasp onto the full scale of what was really happening, it made her feel dizzy with the craziness of it all. It was better then a dream come true; her dreams had only ever hoped for blonder hair, and maybe just a friend or two. This was everything she'd never dared to wish for just because she'd never thought it was possible.

But it was. It was really happening to her. Kitty Hatfield was coming back, and man was she coming back with style.

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