Chapter 1: Just a day, just an unordinary day.

"Come on, Cheese Monkey!" Myranda yelled at Selena. Myranda had blonde sholder length hair, and blue eyes. She was yelling at her friend since first grade, Selena, she had waist length jet-black hair pulled back in a braid and purple eyes. "We're gonna be late!"
"I'm coming!" Selena lied. She didn't plan on moving until she had absorbed all of the information on the lifesize poster of Yami Yugi. " 'A huge sale on all of our Yu-Gi-Oh! cards'!!!"
Myranda ran up to Selena and grabbed her by her shirt sleeve and dragged her from poster. "We don't wanna miss the plane!"
"NOOO!!! I don't wanna miss the sale!" Selena cried as she was being dragged from the wonderful poster.
She and Myranda had won tickets to Disney Land on a radio contest. Now they had to catch the plane. "I'm sure they'll have plenty in Florida, Selena!"
"Will they be Yu-Gi-Oh card sale?"
"Uhh, sure."
Myranda suddenly was holding thin air as Selena sped off towards the airport. She blinked a few times then quickly followed. In a few minutes she had caught up with Selena who was walking very slowly past a Books A Million. "Myranda, do you think they have any Sailor Moon Mangas? Because I still REALLY need the last five mangas!"
"SELENA!! We - Have - To - Get - To - The - Airport!"
Selena whimpered, but knew Myranda wasn't about to give up. So she began running to the airport again. Myranda panted a few times, then followed her.
"'Mon slowpoke!" Selena yelled as she climbed abored the plane.
"I'm comin' you Anime Freak!" Myranda yelled.
Selena glared at Myranda. "It's Anime JUNKIE!" She corrected.
Myranda looked terrified. "Yes, ma'am." She managed to squeak.
Selena and Myranda took their seats. Selena got the window seat, and Myranda was looking around the airplane as it took off. "Wow, Selena, this is so freakin' awesome!"
Selena didn't answer, she had already fallen asleep.