Chapter Two:Retardation of the Nation

"Long ago in acient times, a sacred game was played of both spirit and mind! Seven items hold the mystery!" Selena sang.
Myranda was stirred from her peaceful slumber by the strange Yu-Gi-Oh! music. Selena had somehow found a portable CD player and was now listening to a Yu-Gi-Oh! CD.
"Trust! Trust in the cards! Don't let down your gaurd! The Heart of the Cards!"
"LORD! Selena! Warn somebody before you start singing that stuff!" Myranda commanded.
Selena smirked. She loved embarassing Myranda. She skipped a few songs to number 11. "Welcome all my honored guests, to the ultimate duel with the best of the best!"
"SHUT UP!" Myranda snatched the CD player away from Selena.
Selena pouted. "Gay terd weasel!" Selena turned back to the window and began to hum. "Yugi Moto, where are you? The Pharoh's callin' me! Solve the puzzle, transformate into the Duel King and teach me! Like Yami Yugi!"
Myranda sighed. Selena was hopeless. So Myranda just ignored her as she began to sing pointlessly about Duel Madness within her brain.
"Maybe the people at our hotel will let us clean stuff." Myranda said in a weird obsessing voice.
"Yes, and maybe the monkeys will give us mystical cheese so we can live forever." Selena fantasized.
"Selena you haven't been sniffing the hairspray bottle again have you?" Myranda questioned.
"If we can't find any leprachauns we can always resort to Jesus, he's like ten leprachauns" said Selena not paying attention.
"But much harder to catch" came a voice from behind them
"Why will we need leprachauns?" Myranda asked with a confused look.Selena suddenly looked frightened, she placed her hand over Myranda's mouth.
"The unstable turkey behind us must not know of our mission"Selena commanded.
Myranda, with a frightened look on her face sat back in her seat and scooted away from Selena until she was practically sitting in the aisle.
Selena then sat up,"Excuse me Myranda but I must go slay the potty demon." Selena requested. Myranda sat up to let Selena squeeze by her, then when Selena was walking up the aisle, Myranda rushed over to the window seat wich would be necessary incase she needed to jump to get away from Selena's insanity at anytime during the flight.
Myranda then noticed that the plane was going down ( it was really only landing, however Myranda's small brain could not comprehend such knowledge.)
"WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE !!!!!!! " she squeeled. A few unknowlegable people also began to yell their most unstable turkey secrets such as:"I'M GAY" "I'M HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH YOUR WIFE" I'M NOT WEARING ANY PANTS!"
Just then Selena rushed out of the bathroom screaming, "AND WORST OF ALL THERES NO TOILET PAPER!!!"
Everyone on the plane screamed at that gesture then a voice came from the speaker "The plane has landed will you please remain seated until you are ushered to a table." "and thank you for riding Unstable Leprachaun Airways."
Selena and Myranda were confused so they began to poke to speaker.Then after they were yelled at about a million times they got off the plane.