By:Andrew Troy Keller

There are some witches
Who are,indeed,really witches.
This story is a real cutie.
It is about a woman named Trudy,
One who has thought of herself as Queen of all Witches.

And then,on a day that was slow,
A baseball was thrown right through her window.
She had looked,and saw that it was Mack's,
And he had wanted his baseball back.
"OH,YEAH?",asked an angry Trudy."WELL,YOU OWE ME SOME DOUGH!"

"Really?",asked a smug Mack McCall,
Who had taken another ball,
Went around to the back row,
And threw it through a back window.
Then,Mack had yelled,"COURTESY OF 'BIG MACK' MCCALL!"

Then suddenly,Trudy had reached into her purse,
And at a very frantic pace,
Had thrown some dust into Mack's face.
Little had he known,his day was about to go from bad to worse.

The next day,inside his pad,
Mack was no longer mad.
However,he has not gone on any personal missions,
Due to a series of visions
That had really driven Mack mad.

They were all visions of a sexy babe,
Who was naked as a newborn babe.
But,she had also looked hurt,
Because her whole body was burnt.
"Why,Mack?",had came out of the lips of the burnt babe.

He had seen her here.
He had seen her there.
Poor Mack was going mad,
As in really mad,
For he has seen her everywhere.

Then,one day,he had gone to Trudy's nurse,
And asked her to get Trudy to take off the curse.
But suddenly,the nurse's news had gone right into Mack's head.
The news was that Trudy was dead.
And,that meant poor Mack was forever stuck with the curse.

On the following day,which was the worse for him by far,
Poor Mack McCall was suddenly killed by a car.
And like a bird flying over Dover,
Trudy's curse was over,
And it was due to a car.