Realm Of The Four Moons

Chapter Two

Senna continue to walk down the road to hell. Doe she not learn from her mistakes? I guess not. Because again, she just decided to walk. She walked on and on, she walked for several hours, and still found nothing but dry, flat plain lands. No mountains, nothing but hard smooth rock ground. Let's look on the bright side, There are no more huge holes with bone dragons in them. Senna was starving, but luckily for her, after another hour of walking Senna came to a water hole. After goin 5 hours without any liqued in her body she was really thirsty! She bent over on her knees, forgot about her manners, because she was so thirsty, then started slurping like an immature four year old.

The only problem was, she forgot to look what lived in the water hole. While she was drinking away, a Water Hydra splashed up out of the water. It was huge, with green and blue shiny scales, it had a seeweed mane, it had exaclty 8 heads, and four fins. This time, instead of running, she jetted to the door. Wait a second! What is a door doing in the middle of no where, there was no building behind it, it was just a regular door, standing there in the middle of no where, Senna didn't have time to check it out, since the huge water hydra was diving towards her. She sure get's introuble easily! Her handle grasps the door handle, then she slightly turn her hand, and swung the door open. She saw nothing, but the other side. Why the hell is there a door there for no reason! Senna didn't have time to think about that, and since she already opened it, why not go through it. So she ran through the door. But to her amazement she did not end up in the other side. She was in some kind of temple, or sacred fortress. Before she started to observe the odd place she has come to be in, she swung around, and closed the door right before the monster came in. She heard a huge noise as the monster crashed into the closed door.

She looked around and wondered how she got here. Where is she? She took 15 minutes to observe the room. Then she finally started to walk forward. She took all the turns, but the farther she got in the building, the more lost she got. Even though she knew no one could here her she shouted, "Where am I!" Her voice echoed throughout the temple. She heard a familiar voice reply, "We're in Kylia's Temple!" Senna was shocked. She didn't think anyone was even in the temple. "Who are you?" Senna asked. "My name is Jane, and my friend Susie is with me!" Jane replied. Senna started dancing around in circles with happiness. Then she shouted, "It's me Jane! It's me Senna!"

"Is it really you? We've been looking everywhere for you! Wait there, i'm gonna find ya!" Jane shouted anxiously." Ok, i'll wait here!" Senna answered. She waited for about 10 minutes. When suddenly Senna see's a shadow appear, then Jane and Susie, come out from behind a corner. They all started talking, and got all mushy on each other. Then finally Jane said, "Come on, I think I know a way out!" So the three of them continue on through The Realm of The Four Moons......