Boredom is a dangerous thing.

I hate cauliflower.

Go, me, go.

The art of subtlety is best served on ice with lobster.

Lobster claws.


Yeah right.

Anyone up for a game of gold fish?

I never learned to play goldfish.

Mother...father...for that I shall never forgive you.

I'm currently unemployed.


I'll blame society and a bad childhood for this.

Maybe I'll sue Mcdonalds and never have to work again.

Yes, I would like fries with that.

VCR's sure are neat.

"Brazil" rocks, even though I've never seen all of it.

Jonathan Pryce is fine.

He's also in his fifties, and english.

Jonathan Pryce was fine...

Especially in a top hat...

With a beard...

By the pricking of my thumb
Something wicked this way comes.

Terry Gilliam rules!

He likes putting tall, scary horned things in his movies.

Run away!

If I were the Supreme Being I wouldn't mess about with butterflies and daffodiles. I would have started with lasers. Eight o'clock. Day one!

David Warner sure is hot.

Wait, he's old too.

And english.

I'm only 24.

Help me.

I am evil! Evil existed long before good.

I must have fruit!

Has anyone seen "Waxwork"?

David Warner's in that one, too.

Damn he's hot.

And old.

Does that make me a pervert?

Allow me to spank you, sir.

Let us frolic through the pretty daisies!

It's cold outside.

Let us get naked, my dear sir!

That guy who plays Draco Malfoy's father is hot!

He's english and NOT old!

Alan Rickman is the one true voice of God!

Alan Rickman IS God!

I worship Alan Rickman's underwear.

Alan Rickman doesn't wear underwear.

I hope he doesn't.

That makes me hot.

He's english.

He's old.

Detect the pattern yet?

Let's all watch "Brazil" and eat lobster claws.

No, you may not use Alan Rickman's underwear for a napkin.

I'd sure be embarassed if my mom read this.

Writing "mom" makes me American.

I'm having a David Lynch moment.

I've great news...

Would you like to see my alter to Severus Snape?

What does Satan's bookend look like?

My friend told me that Joe Elliott got fat and ugly.

He's not so old.


No underwear.

Aging sucks.

I'm really tired of watching those damn bears wipe their asses whenever I turn on the t.v.

If you smile like that while wiping your bum you need to be caned.

Caned, not canned.

Canned lobster claws.

Alan Rickman's underwear is not included in the recipe.

If you're still reading this, go ask for a raise at work.

Bring the extra 25 cents directly to me.

I'm starting a "Save Alan Rickman's Underwear From the Gnomes" foundation.

Watch the dancing bears for a buck.

Oh, how witty am I!

Cha! Cha! Cha!