*Ok this is gonna be a mini-chapter series, so I just wanted to let you know that you shouldn't get your hopes up too much for this one because I'm only doing 3 or 4 chapters if maybe more than wow lucky me it made it to my total interest! Ok I hope you enjoy! READ AND REVIEW!*

Still Waiting


I only waited a little while, thinking maybe the sky would open up once more and allow that one rainfall on the exact night he left my life. I was only eight or nine…I didn't know what to feel. I was still young, the rain was hard…I remember how hard the rain was…yet my tears seemed as though they could wash away all the rain. Momma and Dad fought all the time. I loved my daddy dearly, I used to wait till the hour he got home from work, waiting in front of the door for an hour or so, with my new little toy I found how to build out of toilet paper rolls or paperclips. I waited patiently till the time I heard his footsteps on the porch, to have his large hand be placed on the door handle. My eyes would always light up and I would jump to my feet. When he walked in I would run to him and hold up my toy, so proud of myself I just wanted his approval. Instead he would just pat me on the head and walk past me. I would stand there a moment and then I could feel the tears. I hated to cry…
Then one night I heard Momma and Dad fighting, I hid in the corner…afraid of the way they fought. But then everything fell quiet and a door slammed. My heart skipped a beat and I jumped out of the corner and raced down the stairs. I found my crying at the table. I flung open the door and raced outside, my dad's figure walking away through the thick rain. I jumped down the stairs after him, calling to him. He didn't look back, he didn't even give any recognition to my voice. He threw a backpack in the back of a truck and slung himself inside the truck. I stopped at the edge of the drive, gasping breaths of air and crying, my body-soaking wet. He looked at me for a split second. My hands shook. Where was he going? He turned the key and reared on the gas pedal and the truck sped foreward. I jumped and ran a few feet behind him, holding out my hands before tripping and falling into the dirt road.
"DADDY!!" I cried. Finally his truck lights disappeared and I was left soaking in the rain in the middle of the old dirt road…

I only recall the hours of that time when he left me, I couldn't remember going inside…months later my mom went into debt…and couldn't take care of me anymore. She cried as the police came to take her away, they pulled me out of her arms and pushed her into a police car while I struggled against an officer to get to her. I burst out crying, my vision blurred as the cop car slowly pulled away and crept down the street. I kicked and screamed.
"MOMMA!!" I screamed over and over again, her dampen eyes flashed before my eyes, her words echoed in my head.
'Don't you worry Rauuo…Momma's always here…momma's always here…'

Today I didn't want what I've been cursed and blessed with…the power I've been given has brought hardships and friends…

This Is My Power
This Is My Story
Still Waiting…

*And so it begins…*