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This is a poem that I wrote to go with my Nsync story "Unchained Melody" it is not completed heir go the reason it is not up here yet. In that stort there are characters named Lily and Stan but Lily has been long dead. This is the poem about her. Enjoy!

You looked beautiful, Lily,
With your dress that matched
Your startling purple eyes,
The colors of violets in the snow,
Amethyst in the rough.
So delicately shaped,
So delicately formed,
In my eyes,
You were wonderful.
None of us knew,
It would all end
With death and despair
As the car careened forward,
Knowing you were gone,
But not wanting to admit it.
I screamed your name,
The goddess girl screamed,
You were gone,
On to the pavement,
Broken like your hopes and dreams.
We got out see you,
I saw your dying breaths
, I heard your last words.
You told me you loved me,
Said to tell mom and dad
And the twins you loved them too.
Then, you were gone,
Before I could say goodbye,
Before I could tell you I loved you.
Rest now, twin sister,
Peace take over your soul.