Lost Life

I know, this seems like it's ANOTHER poem about life, but it isn't, I swear. It's about a guy who threw his life away, making the title, 'Lost Life' seem appropriate for me. Also, this one one of my better poems, and hey, it RHYMES! :)

Life is like a burning fire,
Loving, living, full of desire.
Tenders hands rub downy face,
Lovers lost in their own place.
People walking hand and hand,
To the special promised land.
Partners cheated, backstabbed, lied,
Catwalking while their lovers cried
Distrust, malice, angry fate,
Apologizing way too late.
Lovers lost and dreams hath gone,
When they thought they were beyond.
Single, lost, and full of tears,
Drinking one too many beers.
Should get home, it's getting late,
Crossing to the forlorn gate.
Stumbling as you try to stand,
Should have been a better man.
The day hath gone, you are alone,
There's no place left to go but home.