I like this poem, it weas one I wrote tow days a go in English class becuz I am mighty sick of Great Expectations. :)

Irrational hope pulls through,
Holding onto my heart.
Words that are as meaningless
As neon lights, the gas is
Unsubstantial, like his words.
Will he love me? No, he
Loves another, more beautiful
Then I.
She loves him, but not
As I love him.
He kisses me, with passion as
Ersatz as powdered eggs.
I cry, bitter tears rolling down
My round face, cursing
By body as they go down.
Oh how I wish, my heart pounds,
How I wish he would love me,
Oh how I wish I were supple and
Smooth, smooth like the silk of his
Other woman's dress.
How I wish he saw past that,
How I wish he saw into my soul.
No, only the fake satisfy
Another mask.