Molded Love

This has to be one of my favorite poems that I can find that I have written so far. It just seemed so...true right then that it spoke from deep inside of me...(and know you know that I am bullshitting you with all of this essecne and emotion crap. I just wrote the damn thing, LoL) Seriously, though, I think you'll like it. :)

Why must you treat me like this?
Why must my mind suffer for your indignities?
Why must you torture me with your false truths?
I know no love but yours,
But it is molded love,
As fake as a glass eye.
To some, it looks real,
Seems plausible,
But then, when they take it out, when
The eye is gone,
You know, and I know.
Love is the endless cascading roller coaster ride of agony.
If you hate it, and abuse it,
It rolls you like the bully beats up your younger brother,
But if you respect it,
It learns to respect you, and
The ride begins.