I've lost my weight.

No idea where it's gone

It seems to have vanished

Without telling any one.

My clothes miss it dearly;

They sag down in sorrow,

Where once was my stomach

There's now a big, empty hollow.

Once upon a time;

I was happy with my size,

When I looked in the mirror

Proudness seeped from my eyes,

But slowly and surely,

My weight crept away

Transforming me bitterly

To the stick figure today.

At first no-one noticed,

They all seemed much slimmer,

So I set about dieting,

To make me much thinner.

Yet no one would comment,

On how great I looked,

So I carried on with apples;

Until I was hooked.

The scales would lie to me,

They'd call me six stone

So I still carried on

Till I only weighed bone.

When others noticed

It was far too late.

My body was scrawny

And filled me with hate.

They tried to help me;

To lend me some food.

But I'd tell them to bug off

And shriek something rude.

So now friends have joined it,

In this game of hide and seek

I wonder if they'll notice

When I'm not here next week.


hee hee ^_^ a bit depressing but hey. You see I wrote it for a friend, and I hope I got my point across. I know that when you use rhyming couplets it can take away the seriousness of the poem, but in this case it felt compulsory. Please tell me what cha think! ^_^