This is one of my "bestest" poems I have ever wrote, LoL, and it was one that I wrote for English for God's sake! :)

One night as I was sleeping, a cry awoke me in the night,
And I cried with consternation when my eyes met the sight
Of a monster, staring, glaring with eyes so black and cold,
Screaming imprecations…or curses, I've been told.
Looking at the monster vaguely, as if still in a dream,
I vicariously went to his planet, so it seems.
I had a certain presentiment that torture would arrive,
I prayed that when he returned me that I would still be alive.
Disdainfully his leader came and looked at with scorn
Remarking 'He's the sorriest looking boy to be ever born.'
Depressed and melancholy from that ruse that they devised,
A kind monster, much felicitous, came and I was reprieved.
'Are you going to make be condescend to you,' she cried,
'Leave this poor child alone,' and she dragged me off, no lie.
'I'm sorry' she remarked plaintively. 'About the other dragons there,
'They have no kindness, no decency, and definitely no savoir-faire.
'I think they're quite unscrupulous,' she, expelling her breath,
'By the way,' she giggled. 'I forgot to tell you; my name's Beth.'
'My name's Stan,' I replied and held out to her my hand,
She took it warmly and then asked 'What is it like for you on land?'
So I sat her down and alluded to all the things we say and do,
She listened and paid close attention until finally I was through.
'Wow, that sure sounds mighty boring' she said her nose in the air.
'And,' she added superciliously, 'I don't even care.'
'Then why'd you ask?' I wondered as she grabbed me with a sigh,
'It must suck to be a human, since they can't even fly!'
She flew fleetly and swift over mountains, hills, and plains,
Weaving in and out throughout the tree-lined stony lanes.
She crashed through my window, tossed me in my bed then was gone,
Leaving small stepped dew tracks down on our fresh mowed lawn.
I laid back, pulled up the covers, and snuggled in my bed,
And wondering in the morning if they were real…or in my head.